Free, custom-made, SEO-boosting online video ad for a lucky CMI®.

Who wants it?


Been too busy inspecting to get any of these made yet, but hope to soon!
I pass my winning post to the next person who is interested in receiving more business.

OK. Still available. Who wants it?

Alright, I’ll take it then. Contact info is below:
Michael Altizer

OK Michael.

I won one last month. Nicks boy got in contact with me and sent me a rough draft. I sent him some corrections and haven’t heard back. Not sure what the little video is good for.

We built it on 10/24.
We emailed you on 10/25, no reply.
We emailed you again on 10/26, no reply.
We uploaded it on 10/27 all over the internet:

SEO, provided you put it on your website.

Really Nice Video! Simple and effective.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital since Labor Day and hop on here every chance I can get. I will submit mine ASAP.

Thanks again.