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I think all venders should join the association that they are selling to. You paid ashi over $600. but you are listed as an active poster at NACHI and dont even offer NACHI a discount

We do offer NACHI members discounts. We will also be doing a NACHI “TV” internet spot with Nick this next Tuesday. We have been active and supportive of the NACHI organization for some years now. We look forward to many positive growing years working with Nick and his staff as well.
All three of my inspectors for my Inspection company Home Pride Inspections in Las Veags are current and active NACHI members by my direction. Thank You for your feedback. If you notice eInspections website you will notice we proudly have the NACHI logo on the home page. I would hope the most important thing for the NACHI members is to have easy access to what is availble in the maket place. ------------With repect—Dan Huber

Oh my GOD, another one with iNACHI discounts.

The list of vendors gets longer every day.