Free Electrical Course certificate for members.

Thanks Nick and Chris,

I know a lot of work went into this and it looks fabulous.

Members who have previously completed the roofing course and input the session ID can log back in and print out their certificates.

This is a major step forward on this project.



Can you provide a link to print off the certificate for the roofing course? I didn’t keep the session ID. Is it kept on file?

Update: It now auto-generates at the end of the Standards of Practice course too.

Hi Dale,

no sorry that is not possible as each exam ID is unique and is not held on the server unless you uploaded it at the time.

You will need to repass the exam and then save the code.



Hi to all,

here are some updated stats from the last few days:

  • Total Exams Finished: 75
  • Average Grade: 82.15
  • Number of Exams Passed: 56
  • Average Passing Grade: 90.48
  • Number of Exams Failed: 19
  • Average Failing Grade: 57.58
    This course has allready given members a combined 300 hours of **FREE **CE and the total now for all online education through NACHI derived courses is 7,500 credit hours.

The free to members roofing course has now been taken 1500 times.



This was a great course. THANKS! For the hard work.

Ironically…combustibles take ALOT of heat to ignite…while causing a recess light to not be able to VENT properly can keep a LARGE amount of heat in…the issue is not ignition of the insulation at FIRST…it is the fire that could start in the recess lights itself from NO venting and air space…

Just some FYI info…:slight_smile: