Free Energy Audit Class

Free Energy Audit Class Every Month - live.
Next webinar class is this Friday, Jan 22 at 1pm cst

Perhaps I’ll make this one. Tried before, we’ll see.

I’m gonna try to make it John. Been meaning to attend for a while. I’m interested to see the American approach.


This has nothing to do with John’s class quality, but if you are up to date on the Canadian standards, you probably will not be overly impressed with what the American approach is. Ours isn’t horrible, but the Canadian and European standards are much tighter than ours.


This class is an introduction to energy audits only.
BTW… the class is taught by a Canadian energy auditor.

The Canadian audits are not all that hot either, Jason. Auditors are trained for 4-5 days of which 1-2 days have to do with using the computer program. Then its 7 (I believe) training/trial house audits by yourself. If these look alright, then you’re certified. I only know of 1-2 auditors who have actually worked in the energy retrofit field prior to becoming certified.

Since it’s mostly government $$$ paying for the audit, many companies are out to maximize the #'s done. Local story here has one newbie auditor making $75,000+ in the year he was in the field but…many of his audits had inaccurate data collected and his employer had to review a lot of his work. He’s no longer an auditor.

The Canadian system does not do a combustion efficiency test of the furnace/boiler systems but uses a default value in the program. The biggest energy user in the home in our cold climate is not tested!! Kinda like taking your auto with poor gas mileage to the garage, wanting the wheels aligned and balanced but do not check the engine…HUH???

6-7 years ago, I was called in to test the efficiency of a retrofitted commercial size boiler in the offices of 1 of the 4 audit service providers in our province. The boiler had been performing at 81%, up from 76%, after a refit in the fall. By February, it was testing at 61%. I borrowed a second test kit to verify the low #'s, thinking my own older kit must be wrong. You cannot look at a heating system and know its efficiency!

IMHO, the system lacks in training requirements and tools needed to do great audits. IR would be beneficial but cannot be used year round here.

Wow I didn’t realize you guys didn’t do combustion up there. That is scary!

I am assuming you are referring to the summer time as the bad IR season up there. Have you tried using a blower door to amplify the IR signature when your near 0 Delta T? I would also think you could simply heat/cool the structure prior to the audit or just do the IR in the AM or later in the day.


John - want to attend but when trying to register it only shows the Feb class - How do I get into the Jan class? - thanks

Just register and your good to go. Then attend the class on the correct
date listed on the website.

We have more than one class in the same meeting room.