Free filter for every NACHI member's client. Want them? YES or NO????

I’m back working on the free filter project.

If I could give you a stack of postage-paid, mail-in cards that permit your client to receive a high quality furnace filter, for free… and all you (as the inspector) had to do was fill in the filter size box and give it to them as a gift… would you?

Would you give them a postage-paid, mail-in card that entitles them to a high quality, free filter, correctly sized and shipped right to their door?

I basically have this deal in the bag if you all want it.



You could include the free filter coupon on the page when
the client downloads a report.

I don’t like handing out coupons. Thats just me.

One question to throw a monkey wrench into the works. Many of the homes in my area have 2 heating systens will they get one for each unite.


No, thank you though.

Sure,anything to help us out

Sure I would do it. Thanks


If there is a disclosure stating exactly what is done with the client’s information in exchange for this offer … sure!

Sure Nick. It’s all about adding value to your service. If a business can add a free furnace filter to it’s list of many added value items - then why not?

For those of you jumping all over this be sure to go read this thread, if you haven’t already, to make sure you understand the ramifications.

The client’s information would be given (by the client) to the filter company of course. Isn’t everyone’s information given to the company one order’s something from?


There’s always going to be negative comments on anything you post here.

You can send me a stack of those filter request cards. I could care less what happens to the addressee’s info. It’s not my problem.

I’ll be waiting for those stack of cards to arrive…

Sounds like a great idea. I’m in!!!

I will take some Nick, I don’t see a problem if the client chooses to participate. Thanks for another ***FREE ***way to add value to my service.


I deal with clients who change all the toilets in the house before moving in because someone else has used them. They’re not interested in free $2 filters. It’s almost embarrasing to ask if they want them. I’ve even had difficulty giving away my free NACHI welcome packets, they only work in the low income areas.

Ditto… I have trouble giving out free coupons and gimmicks to people after
I have charged them over $150 per hour.

They kind look at me funny…

I just couldn’t bring myself to giving out those free trash bag samples… LOL

It would work here for some but a lot of people have electrostatic filters.