FREE Gently Used

Make sure it fits.

scott olenick
Holbrook NY

Pass no Samsung, sure do miss my Samsung phone :frowning:

It fit your phone right?

steven phillips
317 midway rd
barnesville ga 30281

What you loose your note?

Scott if it fits your phone you get it. Please confirm here to let me know it fits :slight_smile:

Now you got 2 threads going! lol

I know I just checked time and this op is the winner if he confirms I will close other now :slight_smile:

yes it fits thank you

No I traded it in with the Att next plan and got a stupid windows phone. Its ok, doesn’t do what my Note 3 did. I do however now have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Tablet. I use it for my inspection reports, GPS in the car and everyday use.


Congrats Scott :slight_smile:

It served me well and I figured hey why not see if a fellow inspector could use it :slight_smile:

Merry Xmas. It will be shipped as cheaply as possible unlike Nick BUT it is coming your way soon :slight_smile:

I am up for a trade in around February 2016 and going to go back to the Note 5

thank you again

Hey Scott…

I do not think NACHI will claim me so I do not have your records :slight_smile:

Please email me your mailing info :slight_smile:

Got a note 4 and LOVE it heard the note 5 you can’t change the battery.

not on my 6 either but has built in wireless charging if you buy the mat