Free:Grow your inspection business seminar with Mike Crow in Denver on June 22, 2011.

The only thing that’s gonna grow is Mike’s wallet. Does he do any inspections?

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Bob…you’re not allowed to go to any more of his lectures. You were caught taking a 10 second video with your phone and he had to stop everything to give you a stern warning. Remember??


Has anyone here benefited from this program?

I have been to his 3 days of secrets revealed in Dallas. I did see where there is value in his services offered and feel that for some he can be a great tool to use. Its not for everyone and he has no cure all remedy for what ails your company.

He does offer ideas that could benefit you and your company and could lead you down the right path. The problem with marketing is that you have to stay consitent with it for long periods of time. So most go to him, stay for a month and leave and then do not see its true potential.

With all the above being said, I did not stay for the entire three days and asked for my money back after day one which he did return and was very gracious about it, so he is true to his word.

Once again, I am not saying he is for everyone, but I can see where he could be benefical to a company needing ideas, guideance and coaching. I think his introductory fee is relatively cheap and you can at least go see what he is about before dismissing the idea totally.

I have teamed up with 2 inspectors in Florida and have gained a ton of insight and camaraderie than anything else I have ever done. We are NOT in each others service area so the information, help and information can flow freely with no hesitation. This is the 100% way to go in my opinion and the cost is about 3 beers and a lunch here and there. Nothing like people with the same profession, same goals, same aspirations getting together…try it, you will like it, I promise.

Of the NACHI meeting I have gone to, the information in idle chat is just as important as the guest speakers. Sometimes listening as to what NOT to do is more important as the information as WHAT TO DO…