FREE Home Inspection

I found a new service on the googles front page that offers a Free Home Inspection. Sounds like a new twist.

If I am not mistaken, they will sell your home and also inspect your house. They offer to inspect your home… but they have’nt got their
license yet. Oh well… who cares about details anyways. :roll:
Click on service providers.

Nice picture of a man in a suite.
Suites make you look honest, right?

They are looking for inspectors who would like to work with them
(I guess they would like inspectors who have a licsence to apply).
I sent them my request, but don’t know if they will accept me. I
have a way of rubbing Realtors the wrong way and advertise that I
don’t work for anyone but my Customers only.

I don’t own a suite that fits, but at least I have a license. :shock:


John, I know your observations were tongue-in-cheek but I wanted to comment as well. This is a local Realtor that is getting into the inspection business and there are so many problems and issues against that that I don’'t even want to get started on. He’s in Buda, a little southern suburb of Austin, so that’s going to be a 310 mile round-trip for each inspection you might get from him :shock: ! Anyway, let’s hope this falls flat on it’s face and I’ll try to keep an eye on how he is progressing. Let me say, that if he only offers to reimburse the Buyer’s their inspection fee at closing then that’s probably an OK thing for him to do.

I sent in my request to be their inspector so I could enjoy reading
the response. … But it would be worth it to me to drive all that
way just to see their face, if by chance the deal gets killed on my
first inspection.

God forgive me.

But I am looking for a suite that fits so I look honest.