Free Home Inspections

As both my wife and I are Veterans we have chose to do this for our service men and women.

Through the month of November any Veteran with a DD214 or an active duty family with the proper ID can have their potential home inspected for free.

Why are we doing this?

We appreciate your sacrifice and know how difficult it is to come up with the extra $$ with the salary of a soldier. My wife & I bought our first home while stationed at Fort Campbell, KY in 1992 after coming back stateside. To say the least the inspection fees were out of pocket and expensive.

This offer is only good for soldiers that can show proof of Veteran status or Active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Reserves & National Guard included, in our service area.

Inspection must be completed by November 30, 2009

Thank You

Then why end the free inspections after only 20 days?


I know a captain in the national guard who is an executive with the phone company. He makes A LOT more money that I do.

Since Aug of 2004, I have had the privilege of doing home inspections for returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan for $100. It feels good to give something back to those who have sacrificed so much for me. They appreciate the recognition for their sacrifices more than the discount, I assure you.

And your point?

Glad someone agrees.

Why do i even want to respond to this

I don’t understand your incomprehension. Didn’t you say “Inspection must be completed by November 30, 2009”?

I’m just asking if you’re so sympathetic to their plight, why end the offer after only 20 more days.

You are welcome to give away inspections to any group you wish. I’ve done it for clergy before. But I don’t do it as a limited time only promotion. There’s nothing wrong with that either, if you want. Nothing at all. Just playing Devil’s Advocate.

I agree also.

For a few years I have offered Veterans a discount. I run various coupons online year round. Here is one that I currently offer…

Critical Eye Property Inspections / JRJ Consultants - Owatonna MN 55060 | 507-213-7468 (scroll down).


If you dont understand my "in"comprehenion then maybe you should study marketing and maybe also lace up the boots. I will not continue with your remarks or opinions on a public board…so if you want to discuss this further you are more welcome to call me or send a private message. I honestly think your being an *** right now.

Thanks Jeff…I think that all of us should reach out…no matter if its just a discount or a freeby promo for a month…Say thanks to a Soldier tomorrow if you get the chance.

Ahh…so it is about marketing and not charity. My last comment. How does giving away inspections increase your profit? I do have a BS in business. I’ve studied Marketing. But I must have skipped the day then went over that chapter. :wink:

I’m out of here. I know when I’m in the wrong room.

You know…Thats why I dont like this board…I try to give something back and some *** like you comes along to go off target and question. YOU ARE AN ***.

Bob…What is that?

We know this…we are just trying to help those who are serving us and those that want to help themselves.

Just showing that not all Military personnel have lots of dough.
Responding to someone stating that many of them have tons of cash.

Not involved in the squabble as you are both wrong.

His question was out of line and your response was to sensitive.


The attachment that you posted is of some misfortunate Veterans that chose not too or did not have the capacity to enjoy life as one should after such dramatic times. I think that some people do not understand that. Just my thoughts.

We were just extending the offer for those that served or are serving our country today. Kinda funny how this board gets off track with politics sometimes and those of us that want to contribute get caught up in some Stupid responses to generosity.

Congrats on your offer,as I hope it helps out a few Vets.
Let us know if any take up your offer.

Just somber as I found out someone once close died tonight by seeing the obituary on a Google search when I was curious to see how she was…

Forgive the intrusion.