Free home inspector seminar March 15

All inspectors are invited across Southern Ontario to our free seminar:

PHPIO Halton/Niagara Regional Meeting Group - Monday, March 15, 2010
The Black Bull Restaurant
1124 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON
Again we have a fine meeting room at the back of the restaurant with a seperate rear entrance, go to the back of the buildling, a sign will be on the door.

Registration from 6pm to 6:30pm
Introductions 6:30 - 6:45

1 - Guest speaker is: Lisa & Jim Thomas of **Mouldoff Inc. **

Topic: Can You Talk Intelligently to Your Clients About Mould?

Mould Basics
Health Effects of Mould
Wood Blueing
Frost Bite
Air Sealing
Testing for Mould
Grow houses and mould remediation if time is available

2 – PHPIO discussion about the organization and NCA and news

3 – Home Inspector on the job issues – round table including what happened at INFRARED TRAINING

4 – Suggestions and closing comments

Admission is FREE!!! 50/50 draw and door prize, free coffee and soft drinks.

I would ask that you send an email to and advise if you are attending because the sponsor has sample material to hand out at the seminar.
This is open to all home inspectors, or others in similar fields of work. Feel free to share this with other inspectors.

Allan Spisak - General Manager
ACISS Home & Commercial Inspection Consultants
(905) 633-8219
Halton/Niagara Regional Chair of PHPIO
Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Ontario

Is Testing for Moulds Necessary?

I have this quote from a top building scientist on my website:

"If you see it or smell it, you do not have to test for it. It is more important to get rid of the mould rather than spend a lot of money trying to find out more about it*.***" (by sampling and identifying the species of mould- our comment) Dr. Joe Lstiburek, P. Eng., Phd.; Building Scientist and principle at Building Science Corporation

Roy also had a great question about how are the seminars going from the members forum so I thought I would share since we get a good show up from the NACHI posts here.

First one in Nov on basements we had 15 inspectors show up a few nice door prizes including a $50 Home Depot gift card and a 50/50 prize of $30, I did not record what association they belonged to in Nov.

January seminar on Infrared Thermography we had 23 inspectors, 10 phpio members and the rest were either OAHI, NACHI or N/A. A good number were NACHI. 7 inspectors already had IR cameras. Door prize a bottle of wine and chocolates, 50/50 draw prize was $52.50. The seminar was very informative. We had a great round table discussion about recent inspection issues and of course the weirdest things we’ve seen lately as well a general discussion on things we should keep on the look out for, such as signs of fire damage. Of course we had a bit of a discussion on grow houses, thus this seminar on March 15 we have a mould expert because that is what alot of the inspectors wanted more info on.

So I am only trying to get together inspectors so we can all learn and share, whether you join any association is up to you. But remember I do this all voluntarily to improve the calibre of our industry. I like getting together with other inspectors, honestly we dont do it enough and if you talk to anyone who has attended they all enjoy and speak positively about our meetings together.


Thanks Allan I have also Posted this from the closed section . Thanks again …
(" Thanks Allan this is great information .
It also should enthuse others to think about going to your seminars.
You are the first PHPIO member that I know of to give a post like this .
Thanks again much appreciated .
So sad they The PHPIO Directors are so secretive,they have closed down two open Forums and Two closed that I know of .
This industry has struggled big time with the Bad attitude from OAHI and it has been brought to other associations by the same leaders .
Lets hope we can all get helping all Home Inspectors.
Fortunatly we have two open forums in Canada and this Forum in the USA to help the Industry. ")

Anyone want to do supper?

To all of those who are attending, we have about 20 signed up.

If there is anyone who is not sure whether you can make it, just show up and enjoy a good evening with bunch of home inspectors.

And find out who’s dog pee’d on their infrared camera?

All the best,

Hey, hope they have some good grub, Man’s gota eat yoiu know. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK the food was very good:), look here Meeting was great!