Free Infrared podcasts from John McKenna.

Well there you go… John explains his point of view quite well. Liability depends on how comfortable you are with your abilities and the confidence in your equipment and, if you are willing to put that to paper and to what degree. Eye balls look through holes… I got it.

Every home inspector can benefit from IR technology. Entry level to level three everyone should start somewhere. FLIR makes a good entry level camera and it might encourage further interest in the field if you can accept that you may not need a $7k camera to investigate the possibilities in advance of more education and training.

John, FREE is my favorite word. Thanks for the contribution. I will listen to them all tonight as I am typing my reports.

I’ll be listening to Craig Chaquico live at Sweetwater in Mill Valley California tonight…
He was the guitarist for Jefferson Starship for the entire duration of the band here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Acoustic Planet

Great guitarist!

Our students can buy a new IR camera with 120x120 resolution for $1735 that is covered by full warranty. Not $7K. No sense exaggerating. I cannot give the model or make of this camera in public postings. Contact me for details.