Free inspections

I’m in the startup stages of getting my H.I. business up and running, in a thriving, tight niche region.
I’ve got all the additional ancillary certs. 181 CE hrs in 4 months… I’ve pounded the pavement, visited the brokers, provided free lunches for broker events… nothing…I am considering offering free or delayed payment for pre sale inspections. My thought is if the realtors will actually see how effective and professional my services are, they will return for paid inspections…I have my limits. I’m thinking about … 5 or 10 per office…first come first serve. With a deadline.
I know you all are going to kick my ***, as I would agree, for doing anything for free… That’s why i’m asking for veteran experienced advice.

You are not the first to think of this . I do not recommend it . The agent realise on the sale of a home to make his living and they want an a experienced inspector to inspect the house

25 years as a hands on residential home builder. 20 years as a property investor, developer, rental property manager and project manager of multi million dollar commercial projects.
How do I get MORE experience?.. I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I really want to know.

What does your E&O insurance think about the FREE idea?

Good point!

(Sarcastically) Here’s my reply to that statement… THANK YOU! Without contractors like you, I wouldn’t be in business today! :razz:

Now tell us how do we get info to you no Phone no email , You need to read a lot of this forum post’s to see how others have done things .

Pm me when you have time.

Bypass the agents and market to the end customer.

People send me free pens and other **** in the mail. I accept much of it but never buy from any of them. Agents are no different with free meals, free tchotchkes, free inspections, you name it. They will accept what you give them but not feel the least compulsion to use your services.

Why it likely won’t work:

It smells of desperation.

Agents aren’t going to put their reputation on the line for desperation. If an agent recommends you, it’s not just about you, it’s their rear end on the line too. And most agents are not going to out their rear ends on desperation.

My 1st year, I had a booth at a Real Estate Expo and I gave away a stack of $50 coupons and gave away two $100 off coupons.

Guess how many people redeemed these coupons?



Because it screams “I’m new” and no one wants the new desperate guy.

People want the inspector with cool confidence.

The few agents who might take you up on a freebie are the types who aren’t likely doing much business.

What you need is a better website (see next post).

OK, where is all this on your website??

Where is all this stuff about you on your business social media pages?

Your website is, quite frankly, boring.

There is nothing on your site about YOU. Your site just sounds like yet another guy who took a few classes, had a flashlight and ladder and thinks they are a home inspector. Based on your site, I wouldn’t call you either.

Yet, you just laid out what makes you special, what makes you different, and why people should hire YOU over the next guy.

Now you need to make your website, social media, brochures, whatever, match who YOU are.

Because if I were buying in your area, and I read a well written copy about how you have 25 years as a hands on residential home builder, 20 years as a property investor, developer, rental property manager and project manager of multi million dollar commercial projects, I’d call you right away.

See the difference?

Take Roy’s advise. Go to the top left of any page. Click on “Control Panel” Complete your profile info and signature information. That will help a bit.
Take Ian’s advise seriously, as well.

Sometimes I need look no further than myself when it comes to figuring out what people will do. Probably 20 years ago I saw windshield washer fluid on sale for 29 cents a gallon. To this day, I still feel like that’s what it should cost, all logic aside.

Give anything to anyone free and that’s what they will think it’s worth.

Why don’t you do the basics first? For example, you don’t even have your company website link in your message board signature.

What is your website address BTW?

Also, Free Business Development Tool for Home Inspectors - InterNACHI . And actually read and do what is suggested in additional suggested reading sections.



Of course, the other piece of advice is if you’re going to ask a question, log back in and read the darn answers!


Not saying this is the case with the OP, but IMO this is half the struggle. Starting out, you have to have thick skin and not get butt hurt every time someone doesn’t use you or criticizes you.

You might be god’s gift to building science with 20+ years experience, yet get absolutely smoked by an ex burger flipper that took a home inspector career course. Frustrating stuff, man. This isn’t a business where you can either do something or you can’t (either the light bulb turns on or it doesn’t), there’s a lot of room for bull****. Hang in there, keep improving your entire package, and hopefully it will come together for you.

And that does not change, even years later.

For all the agents that recommend me as their #1, there are still plenty of agents where I am there #2 or #3 or not even considered.

Even my best agents will have clients who insist on finding there own inspector and I dont get those jobs.

It’s why it’s important to have multiple forms of marketing going on at all times to stay busy.