Free Internet Videos

Offer has been withdrawn.

Dead link for me

From the site:

The Zip File will be sent to you via e-mail. Most of the program works great- Several are not functioning-

The Offer is withdrawn.

So is it free or is there a fee? What is the fee?

Who is Matt Ng?

What’s the title of the thread again?

This post confused me… (emphasis mine)

I’m with ya, Richard.

I, too, wondered about needing to pay for something free.

Offer withdrawn- those who followed instructions were e-mailed the file. If you requested it, you should receive it today.

Bill, I am sure that your intentions were good, however the presentation was a bit confusuing. You did not only ask anyone to “simply email you”. You had posted a very long advertisment for the vidieos. At the end of your ad it said to email you. Some had tried to follow the links in the ad (which did not work) to wich you replied:

Which to me seemed like the link was disabled until you bought the system.
I asked two simple questions to which your response was to withdraw your offer.

I guess that was easier than trying to clear up the confusion.

Communication is not what you say, it is what the other person hears.


Sent my email yesterday and have not recieved the zip. Did I miss it?


I think something is wrong with your email, Bill.


Mine just came in. Thanks Bill, generous offer for all of us.



I appreciate your advise, but if you are of the belief that my offer which was free, was a scam, you are mistaken. You have participated in other free offers of mine, including the home inspection yellowpages. That was not a scam either.

The offer has been withdrawn. Too much drama. No good deed goes unpunished.

Perhaps some people (your customers?) who were interested in your offer but wanted some clarification are still confused. :shock:

Didn’t know answering simple questions is considered drama. :roll:



Sorry you believe that there no drama. The drama continues. Since when have you ever been a customer or student of mine?

The offer has been withdrawn. The withdrawn offer is dying a slow death. Since I own the product, I can do what I want with this product. I offered it to NACHI members free via e-mail, and multiple NACHI members took advantage of this offer. It was even called a scam. A free offer, a scam. Why would I ever keep this offer on the table. The offer has been withdrawn.

I guess there was a bit of confusion on this special offer. I did in fact receive mine also. Thank you kindly, Bill.

Lets allow this thread to die off.

I took Bill up on his free offer and he sent me the zip file. Thank you Bill.

Let’s all please realize that before we start calling something a scam we actually know what we are talking about. JMHO


I missed the offer but willing to pay you double your investment for a copy.

I have never been a customer or student of yours. I had two questions that you did not answer so I guess I am still not a customer or student of yours.

edit Just to be clear - no one mentioned anything about a “scam” until after you withdrew your offer.
end edit