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I read about this in wired magazine and figured what the hell, nothing to lose but time.

To my surprise, it actually works. If you think its scam, it?s not. Anyways, just thought I?d get the word out. The company was even investigated by the BBB, it?s legit.

You need to live in the US and be using Internet Explorer to participate.

See the bottom of this to see PROOF that it works, and a link to an engadget article explaining how they make enough money to offer this.

The way it works:
-> Sign up by going to:
-> Complete a free offer.
-> Get 5 of your friends to sign up as well under your personal referral link, and get a free 20 gig iPod, or any of the new colored iPod minis.

1. Sign up here for a free iPods account. Enter in the required information, and click no on all of the questions of the survey. If you do not see a survey, you are using a different browser. You MUST use Internet Explorer for this to work! Refer 5 of your friends (or you can skip this step since you can always come back later).

2. Sign up for the offer on the last page (if it is there), it doesn't even need a credit card if you sign up with an email address from an isp/employer/school (NOT a free one like yahoo). If it isn't there, do a different one like the AOL one which is also free.

If you use this link... please please please complete your offer, otherwise they don't count.

Once again:

Flyertalk Forum

The original freeipods thread which has been around for a month or two, and 3-4 people on this forum have already received their iPods, inlcluding moderators of the site.

Better Business Bureau information for Gratis Corporation
This is the company that runs this site, along with with other sites like freeflatscreens, etc etc. They are completely LEGITIMITE and even though they have had complaints filed against them, all of the complaints have been completely resolved.'s scoop of
Engadget does a great job of explaining how makes its money. In a nutshell: if you click on the links below you will see how much these companies pay affiliates like Gratis for each referral. makes a ton of money off of the people who only refer say two friends. Enough to pay for those who actually manage to get five friends. Go to engadget for the whole scoop.
Here's some links to show you how much various companies pay Gratis for each referral:
? eBay
? Ancestry
? PetcareRX
? Columbia House
Another GREAT site explaining how makes money
I actually like this one better than engadget because it explains EVERYTHING as to's money making system.
Order from by Gratis (corporation that runs
Go to this site and enter this information:
Enter this for order number: S0700892
And this for zip code: 20001
$25,000 worth of iPods ordered by Gratis!
NY Sun Article About
An article in the New York Sun talking about and also the below site,!