Free IR training from ITC

Here’s an interesting link on how the Iphone IR technology (FLIR One) is changing the culture of the science, once thought to be out of reach.

The FLIR ONE is not an acceptable level camera for a home inspection, because of it’s very poor resolution (per the regional sales reps from FLIR, RESNET and various infrared schools).

Listen to our podcast on the subject of Resolution. Listen before you buy.

So where’s the free training?

Right here on this post where those that can think learn:

Frank it’s a free introduction into the various aspects of thermography.

If John offered a recognized renet certified course I might be more inclined to respond. The FLIR one is a recognized technology that every inspector should investigate further.

What is the constant need to try to justify the use of low end IR on this message board? I don’t think the phone add on was designed by it’s manufacturer for professional use…

The subject of low tech IR has been discussed and beat to death here to ad nauseum IMO. There are inspectors that have used or purchased both professional and gadgetry types of devices, and the add on stuff has been dismissed as less than desirable.

However, I’d like to say that John M has earned my respect by continuing to provide factual / common sense advice on this topic… thanks!

Some individuals are attempting to publicly justify to consumers why they have bought low end equipment that is unable to properly do the job at hand. They attempt this partly by using non-authoritative sources, such as paid for media stories, instead of professional and authoritative sources from those that use the technology and have moved the technology forward with their own efforts.

Hey Rick,

I took some more images with my One FLIR the other day. It was a little bit challenging because I had to shoot up behind the breaker from close range in order to pick up the hot spot. It was really tight on the focus, but the One FLIR nailed it. I still can’t get that darned MSX to work

So how did your images come out?

So where’s the free training?

It’s actually paid for training. That is paid for by the consumer by charging them to perform thermal imaging with low end equipment that does not properly do the job while you learn it is low end equipment that can not properly do the job. It seems to be highly profitable as displayed here by at least one individual. :roll:

Nice images Chuck! I see the One Flir works well. How is the Two Flir doing? :mrgreen:

Hey Rick,
I found some training for you to enhance your ancillary services skills.

The technology is changing the culture of the science, once thought to be out of reach.

(It’s a California thing)!:wink:

Hey Rick! This is the 2nd post I’ve seen of you pimping out the Flir One.Just curious as to why?

(It’s been a lot more than 2 posts)!

Like Manny said above…

This could be a FLIR two image


He doesn’t have enough confidence in his equipment to advertise it on his webpage but comes on here touting it.Makes zero sense.

Has anyone used this IR camera for their inspections? Great price!!


You’ve let the biggest secret of the infrared business out of the bag, shame on you :mrgreen:

That’s the FlimFlam 2 camera. They are giving them away over on the Darkside BB! :mrgreen: