Free Leads - Dump Angie's List and Home Advisor TODAY!

For several years I have paid for services like Angie’s List and Service Magic (aka: Home Advisor). I finally decided to dedicate myself and build a similar service for the entire real estate industry. I wanted to be able to keep it free for everyone to use. It has been very challenging and expensive task for me but I am proud to announce that today come LIVE TODAY and it is FREE to use!

The site was designed to allow you to interact directly with your leads. No paying for leading or user paying for a list to be part of the network. I even implemented a live chat system so connecting can be instant between you and your customers. I thought it was important to offer users the ability to link their social accounts (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) also.

I understand the frustrations of marketing a business because I was in the boat as you all. I was out there busting my hump to get the word out. It all come down to referrals from past clients and reviews. So it was important to me that we added a review section to the site. Clients can review you and you can review your clients. Sort of like a eBay transaction. Pretty cool to be able to see what type of employer you might have before you accept the job huh?

Take the time to upload your certificates and licenses so it help validate your business even further.

There will be a job market that is searchable. Regular (non business) users are allowed to post jobs and when they come available you can reply to them instantly. As the site grows members of both sides (customers and Professionals) will greatly benefit from one place to connect for all their real estate services - absolutely free!

I appreciate the support and be sure to share with other tradesman (roofers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, drywallers, carpet layers and any other trade you can think of).

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How do you make money by offering this?

Never mind. I see it’s $19.99/ year :frowning:

This is interesting.

"Rights in Your Content

You hereby expressly grant to Company an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license in perpetuity to reproduce, distribute, adapt, publicly perform, and display Your Content, and otherwise** use and exploit all or any part of Your Content by any method (now existing or later developed) and for any purpose whatsoever.** You expressly agree that Company shall have the exclusive right to use and exploit Your Content in connection with its website and other business activities."

Waqar Quraishi - No it’s not $19.99 a year. That is only if you would like to sponsor the efforts of ProRinger. By no means are you required or should you fill required to sponsor ProRinger. It’s just an option we have put out there. You can use the site completely free.

Thanks Mr. Currins.
Enlightening verbiage. Exclusive rights to my content?
Good hustle!

You guys are a hoot

Justin I’m all signed up. I’ll add some content to my account later and let you know how it works for me.

** **

Nope, don’t think so.

It’s one thing for ProRinger to set cookies, but definately not third parties that they have no control over.

It’s too bad Justin, as it was looking pretty good until I read through the entire Privacy Policy.

Good luck with it.

Thanks to everyone who is signing up! It may take some time to build the user base but over time it will be worth the wait! Hope you can hang in there with me.

Jeffrey R. Jonas - That verbiage is for Google ads that are placed on the site. It’s unfortunate that I have to add that verbiage but it is necessary. Google is the only third party that is connected to ProRinger.

Hope you can understand that anyone using Google ads on their site should have similar language. I personally would like to see all my InterNACHI peers get in on the ground floor of something potentially huge for our industry.

Enjoy Guys! Try not to bust my balls to much. :slight_smile:

Ok Justin. Have you incorporated your new venture?

So if you can’t hack it as a home inspector, con the newbies and illiterate.
Team up with Billy, he can answer your phone and get your SEO straight.

Angies list sent me an email advertising a $69.00 energy audit.
I returned her email message saying where she can place her add
and why.