Free Level I training with select FLIR cameras

Purchase a new FLIR thermography camera during September and we’ll help you stretch your equipment dollars much further!

Earn FLIR Dollars to spend on valuable Infrared Training Center courses and events that will help you get the most out your camera and do wonders for your career.

$925 for choosing a FLIR i3, i5, i7, E30, E40, or E50 - Also applies to BX (building diagnostics) versions of the cameras
$1,850 with the purchase a FLIR E60, T420, or T440 - Also applies to BX (building diagnostics) versions of the cameras
$3,700 when you buy a FLIR T620 or T640 - Also applies to BX (building diagnostics) versions of the cameras

Redeem your FLIR Dollars in $925 increments:

Two-day ITC course = $925
InfraMation registration = $925
Four-day ITC course = $1,850

Basically here is how it works.

You get FLIR bucks for buying one of the cameras listed above. At the $1850 level you have two choices. Either goto InfraMation (FLIR’s annual IR trade show and symposium) or use the $1850 to take level I for free.

If you really jump up you can do both, with the purchase a T620 or T640. I am not sure yet if you can apply the remaining $1850 towards level II, but I will find out.

To find the nearest course to you for level I, give me a buzz and I can look it up.

This is only good through the end of September.

There are other promos I can stack with this offer which include, free Meterlink meters ($650.00 value), Free Ipad 3 16Gb and Wifi and there is actually a way I can stack everything I listed above on the T620 or T640.

One other side note, FLIR has a level I building course available.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
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What’s the difference between the INACHI Certified Infrared Course and the FLIR Courses aside from the INACHI Course being cheaper and you get use of the rainbow logo?

Since you asked…

Ours is a better IR course for home inspectors according to hundreds who have taken it… :roll:

But everyone is entitled to their opinion. :mrgreen: And we don’t mark up the cameras so high that we try to call the training free. :shock:

Is this your photo?

That is one of your canned statements but the hundreds taken your course have nothing and I mean nothing to compare with. Tell me how many of your hundreds have taken another course and have made a true comparison (ZERO):wink:

Oh my you are wrong… we have many who have taken our IR course and a Level I class over the past 4 years and tell us our IR class is far better for the home inspector.

You have never taken our class and are just blowing smoke with no facts. We forgive you… :mrgreen:

I took Johns Course .
I took Flir level one .
I was glad I took the flir Level and was pleased .
I wish I had saved my money and not taken Johns course .
… Roy

Very nice offer by Jason.

At the time you took our course you said it was really good. Then you took Level I and went on to drop out of doing thermal imaging altogether. Me thinks you had problems then and now with IR, since you still do not offer any IR services.

You also attacked InterNACHI and some of it’s members when you got kicked out of this association. It seems you have a long history of switching sides and bad mouthing others. When I would not join your crusade, you turned on me as well.

Your history in thermal imaging and this association makes me avoid seeking your endorsement of anything. Yes, let it be known that Roy Cooke does not endorse us. For this I am thankful.

Glad to see you reply .I do not remember attacking NACHI .
I did and still do think you are a FARCE.
I did say that the ESOP was a farce and I stand with my statements .
The ESOP was a farce and I still think it Is a farce .
Please feel free to bring up any of my past statements I would be happy to defend them.
Yes I sold my Camera as in my area I was ahead of the time and it was not needed and still there is little for IR Inspections here .
We have a level four IR person who gets no calls in this area .
You talk about me attacking other members like Michael Larson ??
**it is obvious he is extremely jealous of me **
John you off all people should talk sad to say you seem to have very very many who you too have a hate for .

I wonder why many who have taken your course are not defending you here!!!

And Roy Cooke is still a liar :roll:

John at my age one thing can be stated I don’t blow smoke that seems to be your department. For crying out loud go get some training and people may quit picking at you and I say may:(

Anybody ever hear of a** level four IR** before ???

Must be more Roy BS. aka… lies!

looks like the info I read from his web site I got it wrong.
Sorry people his web site is gone so I must have made an error .

How convenient! :roll:


The details of the Infrared Training Center’s dollar days program with FLIR are located here:](

The funds may also be used toward Level II or any other ITC training product or InfraMation the world’s largest IR users group meeting. This year InfraMation is in Orlando in Novemeber:](

Please feel free to conatct me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

John F. Keane
Infrared Training Center

John, you are always asking for proof in your threads when someone blasts you.

Where is your proof on us marking up the cameras?

The cameras were not raised to accommodate the promotion.

We still offer the Nachi discount that I always apply to any camera order for any Nachi member, even with this promotion. I can stack the discount.

For example,

FLIR T420 (this camera is by far the best bang for the buck professional grade camera on the market right now). Also includes the T440.

Camera $8450.00
Level I FLIR-ITC training - Free
Nachi discount (sorry cannot disclose it in a public venue, John is 100% right about this stuff…call or email to find out what it is) - Stacked with level I promo
Ipad 3 16GB with Wifi - Yep thats right! Stacked with Nachi discount and Level I FLIR ITC training

FLIR E60 - No real reason to buy this camera right now with the T420 so close in price, and the T420 comes with the Ipad 3. Even if you don’t want it, just sell it on Ebay.

Just an example on that “level” of the promotion.

Jason Kaylor
Net Zero Tools
AC Tool Supply
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Sorry, your level I course vs a building course argument is null and void now a days.

BPI gives just about the same amount of CEU hours as your course is long…and that is the just the CEUs.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to IR thermography
Building Investigation Overview
Basic IR camera operation
IR Science
Heat Transfer
Practical Guidelines
Using complementary tools - Blower door, R Value Calculator, Dewpoint Meter
Case Studies and in-depth discussion
Application lab exercises
Resources and Existing Standards - Detailed Discussion
Reporting Results
Survey and certificates
Field Assignment
Wrap-up Q&A

And the price is right…FREE vs $499.00.

Jason Kaylor
Net Zero Tools
AC Tool Supply
480-528-4045 - cell

Tuition: $1850 USD FREE?

Why does it take 4 days to teach 15 CEU hours?

You might want to keep up with the thread, instead of just trolling for most posts.