Free Live Training - Lead-Safe Certified RRP Course in our Colorado Classroom

[COLOR=Black]FREE Live Training[/COLOR]
[FONT=Verdana]InterNACHI’s Lead-Safe Certified RRP Course in our Colorado Training Classroom[/FONT]

To become Lead-Safe Certified, you must take an 8-hour training course from an EPA-approved training provider. InterNACHI is an EPA-approved training provider.

InterNACHI’s 8-hour course includes:

[li]6 hours online (learn at your own pace), and[/li][li]2 hours hands-on (learn by actually doing).[/li][/ul]
Step 1: FREE - Take InterNACHI’s online portion of the course Log into InterNACHI’s course.
Step 2: FREE - Register for the 2-hours required hands-on portion of the course. Register for the free class in Colorado.
Included free with the hands-on training:**

[li]Student course book;[/li][li]Free home maintenance book (;[/li][li]Free Mastering Roof Inspection Series [FONT=Verdana]SIZE=2;[/li][li]Free Guide to Writing Report Narratives (free);[/li][li]Free Guide to Avoiding Lawsuits (free);[/li][li]Free Guide to Forms of Inspection Business Ownership (free);[/li][li]Free Guide to How to Sell to a Real Estate Professional (free);[/li][li]Free 4 Steps to Inspection Marketing Success (free);[/li][li]Free Illustrated Guide to Deck Inspections (free);[/li][li]Free Guide to Using Infrared Cameras (free); and[/li][li]Other free benefits.[/li][/ol]
[/SIZE][/FONT] Additional information:

Six hours of this course is online and free to InterNACHI members. If you are not a member, and you’d like to take this online course, contact The required two hours of hands-on training is available for free in Colorado (visit this website.)
InterNACHI is an EPA-approved training provider. InterNACHI’s course is EPA approved.

This course was developed to train inspectors and contractors how to work safely in housing with lead-based paint and comply with EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule and HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule.  Upon successful completion, you will become EPA Lead-Safe Certified.

Federal law mandates that all contractors and maintenance workers (from plumbers to electricians to painters to handymen), performing renovation, repair, and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in any pre-1978 homes, buildings, child care facilities and schools be certified by EPA.  Firms are required to use certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers to follow lead-safe work practices.

Further details are found on the first page of the online portion course.  [Log into the course](

Need more info/clarification on the 2 hours hands-on training.

Following the links, on all the different pages, get different info.

Fee or Free?
Locations available?
On-site or on-line?

It’s all free.

What about the 2-hours hands-on training. Do we need to travel to Colorado, as that is the only listed location?


I would love to come to CO for the two hrs and maybe pan some gold in Nicks goldmine to pay for the trip. Short of that, how do I get the two hours in Florida?


As for the course: The 6-hours is online, available now, and free. Our first two hour, hands-on (required) training will be here inside InterNACHI’s building and free. I’ll personally pay for your hotel if you come.

As for bringing it to Florida: This is DIRECTLY RELATED to the Michael Casey/Kevin O’Malley thread we have going on in this very forum. We need a classroom school system, instructors, administrators, etc.

Why not have Ben teach FLORIDA inspectors on how to teach the course? What about the Brian Hoagland? What about people who have seen a decline in their income due to a signficant change in the Real Estate market? Why not teach these guys and they can make some money while helping out their fellow inspector?

I would love to take a class from Casey and O’Malley on wind mitigation. Well lets see…HAVE THEY EVER done a wind mitigation? Would it not be more prudent to have John Shishilla Dennis Bonner teach this? Tell us REAL experiences about what we will come across.

You can push these guys all you want. I do suspect they are not doing this for free and most likely are going to make some serious coin in “helping” out. SPREAD that money amongst your people, not wannabe NACHI guys. They had their chance to become NACHI, they only decided to turn this way because there is no other viable choice. I respect people much more when their is an actual decision to be made and because they HAVE no other choice…

Nick, once again hanging around people who turned multi million dollar organizations into multi thousand dollar organizations is NOT GOOD…HELP those who HELP YOU…

Great idea. However, it’s not that easy.

Requirements to become an EPA RRP course trainer:

  • Complete a 16-hour EPA Approved course,
  • Submit an EPA application,
  • Pay the EPA $560.

If you can make it to Colorado, I’ll teach you the EPA RRP course for free (that’ll count for 8 of the 16 required hours).

Another great idea. We’ve contracted John Shishilla to update InterNACHI’s Wind Mitigation Course. Once that’s complete, InterNACHI will have the best, most comprehensive course on the planet. Thanks, John.

Again, another great idea. “Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” That’s why we developed the InterNACHI School. There is an opportunity available for experienced inspectors to (as Russell put it) “make some money while helping out their fellow inspector.” -

I might just do that! I will need to see where to take the EPA RRP course and send in the application. No problems. Then I can teach it at the Meetings. Thanks!

Ben I do have one question. Why did the education program allow schools to join? I mean it seems it would have been more beneficial to the member if it was NOT schools teaching the stuff and it was MEMBERS. Just asking. Seems like you asking people to send you $1,000 for the right to give the class and then compete against schools. Just thought it was more geared up for members and NOT affiliates…

Just come here for a day and do it for free. The course is being held at InterNACHI’s headquarters. You’ll get to meet InterNACHI’s staff and see them at work.

I’ll buy your hotel room too Russell.

You know Nick… I think Russell would make a fantastic “Eastern States” version of Bruce Kirby!!! :wink:

That is a great deal for members! It cost me $225.00 to get certified here in Missouri.

I bet you want me to come by…I will get stoned to death. :stuck_out_tongue: Its not about the hotel or any of that. Hell I will pay, your time is valuable and deserves a good wage.

I promise to get up there. I am already coming once in June to do some white water rafting. I will try to get up there before then.

You offer is appreciated and I will take you up on it…when is the class?

Russell writes:

Whenever you want it to be. It’s your school… remember. Pick a date.

Pick a date?..Ummmmmmmm that blond you brought to Melbourne!

Damn talk about full service!

She is awesome at meetings and disarming. What you don’t understand is that although my members might recognize me, I have no way of knowing who they are in person, which ones are inspectors, which ones are members, which ones are “friendlies” and which ones are not. Dayna’s job is to sort it out, pin down their names, gather their business cards, and introduce me to those people who want to meet me and shake my hand… because not all do.

Anyway, the hands-on class is only 2 hours long, so bring your brochures and copies of your ads with you and Jesse will touch them up for you while you take the class.

I’ll tell you a funny story. Not all members recognize me in public. Shortly after I moved from Philadelphia to Nederland (a mountain town of only 1,211 people at the top of the Rockies in Colorado), I was going into the grocery store when I noticed a pickup truck with an InterNACHI logo on it. Now you can imagine how mind blowing it is to have just moved to the middle of nowhere at 8,240 feet above sea level and see an InterNACHI logo. As I was standing there in shock, looking at it, the owner (an inspector) came out and started to get in his truck. I told him that I noticed the logo and asked him if he was an InterNACHI member. He said “Yes, are you a real estate agent?” I answered “No, I’m Nick Gromicko.” He replied “Yeah, right, and I’m George Bush” and he drove away. :roll: LOL

lol…so u met george bush! sweet!

This is why I chose Nachi!!!