Free Live Training - Lead-Safe Certified RRP Course in our Colorado Classroom

Great Job Guy’s 2 hours free course that is why you are the Best of the Best. This is a great Association.

Go Russell you will be a great instructor.

Here’s one of the many requirements to teach an EPA-approved RRP course.
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The trainer has to have 16 hours of an EPA-approved course. Our 8-hour RRP course would fulfill 1/2 of the requirement.

(1) Each trainer is essentially running their own ‘School.’ For example, Tom Valosin (NY). One guy. Veteran NY inspector. Teaching a ton of students.
(2) We welcome Trainers and Schools who specialize in Energy. We’ve got some BPI and RESNET accredited trainers (who operate their own little Energy Schools) joining our list.
(3) RRP trainers are typically listed by the EPA as schools.

So… there’s really no competition. The country is huge. And we’re finding it very difficult to find qualified inspectors who want to teach home inspection classes.

Today, the InterNACHI School will be listing two new downloadable PowerPoints for those interested in training opportunities. “Safe Practices for Home Inspectors” and “10 Steps to Perform a Roof Inspection”.

Paul Cooley, InterNACHI Member, is flying from San Diego for the free RRP course.
See you soon, Paul!

Nick said to tell you that he’s buying your hotel room.

I am talking about AAA schools here in Florida. They are NOT inspectors, they are SCHOOLS…old saying in the army, Those who do, do. Those who can’t, teach.

Not correct.
To teach inspectors in FL, you have to be one.
I actually have the resumes of the instructors at AAA Construction School in my hand, and they are excellent. They all have been in the inspection-related industry prior to becoming FL home & mold inspectors.

It does not matter whether the training provider is a ‘school’ or ‘an instructor.’ Semantics. What matters is the qualifications and quality.

For example: All instructors must agree to the following:

All presentation, delivery, instruction and/or use of the InterNACHI copyrighted instructional materials shall conform to the highest standards of quality, expectation, policy, and performance as defined by InterNACHI. [Licensee] agrees and acknowledges it shall be the sole right of InterNACHI to employ any and all necessary means to protect, preserve and maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in providing the instructional materials to the [licensee] and its audience.

We anticipate a full class on April 1st.

Are you saying that teachers are full of sh*t ??? :mrgreen::twisted:

If your trying to tell me NACHI inspectors and AAA schools are “semantics” or a trivial points, then I strongly disagree. I thought this program was to HELP INSPECTORS, NOT SCHOOLS.

I am not arguing the SCHOOL vs, INSTRUCTOR, I am arguing it was presented to be a way for NACHI members who wanted to do this to HELP them out. How does this help the NACHI member?

Why should someone like Brian Hoagland (just an example) have to compete against a “school”? Why not compete against other inspectors? I think he is the one paying the dues. The one who may or may not need financial help and maybe looking towards the teaching aspect.

Just seems as though your doing it again. These school have raped the Florida Inspectors, bastardized our profession, and now you want to kiss their as s…trying kissing the INSPECTORS ***, its why you have a job! If AAA schools closed down tomorrow NACHI would exist. If your members left, your job would cease to exist. So who’s *** should you be kissing?..simple answer.

Good Post!

Russell,(I think I understand what you’re saying. And I’m here to help the membership in anyway I can. One way that I help is through providing various education and training opportunities for InterNACHI members, from TAKING classes to TEACHING them. That’s my passion. Ask Nick; it’s what I do all day and night. I am not perfect, and I welcome good advice.)
Bringing no- to low-cost access to high-quality education (via online and live classroom) on a GLOBAL scale requires tapping the resources of various individuals and companies.

The GLOBAL goal has been clearly stated from the beginning at

“Our goal is for every student worldwide to find a local InterNACHI Instructor…"

To that end…

  • For example, Green Builder College has offered to contribute their curriculum on advanced building science, water management, and indoor air quality to InterNACHI’s curriculum. Qualified InterNACHI Instructors would have access to that curriculum.
  • Another example, Tom Valosin (NY InterNACHI member) operates his own School
  • Another example, we’re helping Douglas Ralph (Dubai InterNACHI member) to establish an Accredited School in that emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

**Current Challenge: **
Teaching InterNACHI Inspectors our recently EPA-approved RRP course on a national scale requires administrating EPA-approved trainers all over the nation, all at the same time.

As of yet, we do not have any EPA-approved instructors who are also InterNACHI Inspectors. We’ll likely have to tap some experts, trainers and schools outside of our industry willing to contribute to our stated goal (see above).

To speak about this subject offline with anyone, I give you my personal cell - 303-862-2611.

Personally, I would love to see a bunch of experienced InterNACHI Inspectors get together and offer themselves as training providers. We’d approve each one as an individual instructor, and together they’d have their own ‘School.’

I understand what your saying. You want to achieve a goal and I admire that. But to do it FAST seems to be the goal. I just see this as something that could be set up for members helping members. Maybe I am living in a day dream. I just see us helping us. I am not pro school at all. I am pro formal education, it’s just people in schools have really no idea what it takes to be in the field.

Proof is at the Melbourne meeting that guy actually thought he could teach someone how to be a home inspector in 14 hours and then tried to validate it. Schools teach tests and how to pass them. I feel inspectors would be people who would teach what happens in the real world. I could teach you marketing 101 all day long from some of the best books, or I could teach you what you’re actually going to see in the field because our livelihood depends on it. I do not eat if I don’t get inspections. Those guys don’t eat without students. Who would you rather learn from when it comes to any area. One who teaches it or one who does it day in and day.

Ron Huffman (InterNACHI member) is attending the free EPA Lead-Safe Certified Course in Colorado

Alan Bowman is registered for the FREE EPA Lead-Safe Certified Class.
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I think you should had given more then a 1 week notice. It would be better if there was a couple weeks notice the air flights would be a little cheaper for everyone. For my area there is about $300.00 different in the fare $240.00 each way change to $69.00 to $100.00 each way.

We only recently got EPA approval (after a year-long application process). We want to get one course under our belt and then we’ll offer it across the country.

Updated course offerings in Boulder, CO in April 2011.

Just registered. Is Eldora still open?

It snowed today.

Why are the rest of the April 2011 not FREE?
Lead-Safe Certified RRP Course (in Boulder, CO) $99

If you can make it to Boulder, it’s free for you.

PIC of hands-on training (taken just now):