Free lunch... well not so free

For all intents and purposes, I am a fairly new inspector. I got my license a year or so back but had to suffer the financial restrictions from taking retirement before 66. I tried a few things in the way of advertising my business but the advertisers made more money than I did. So now I really need to jump start it but I think I need to get some feedback from someone that can maybe trade some ideas for lunch or something. I also tried going around to all the realtors in a 40 mile radius. That was a waste of gas and time. Anyway, let me know if anyone is interested.
Andy Careaga

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Get listed on Google. It’s free.


Andy, join InterNACHI and then fill out your signature. It is free SEO!

Here’s how:

SIGNATURE: Click on your face in the upper right hand corner of this page. Then click on your name to the left of the bell. Then click on preferences. Then click on profile and scroll down to signature and fill out the information that you want to appear under every post that you make. AND LAST, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE CHANGES.

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Larry is correct. Join InterNachi. It has many benefits to help you get started.


Peter had a good suggestion. You need to create a web presence. The cheapest way is to get all the free listings you can: facebook, linkedin, alignable, google, bing, etc.

When you get those free listings you will list your web page, facebook page or any other page you have; your contact information; services offered and why they should hire you (experience, trustworthy, veteran…etc.)


You started a business at the worst time ever with Covid virus . The market has low inventory across the country. Most business fail in the first year. Maybe you could work for one of your competitors. Timing is crucial and to start a new business now is very difficult.

Morning, Andres.
Hope this post finds you well.

It branding buddy. No More, No Less.

1: Get you website in order. You will not do good if you do not change it. Just being honest. You landing pages are bloody empty.
Creating the Ideal Home Inspection Website. We are a niche market. I forget what company builds website for members. Get to it.
They will help you for a very reasonable price.

Websites, SEO & Marketing: The Best Ways to Build Your Business Online with Carla Heatherly of HomeGauge

Mar 25, 2021

9:00 AM MDT
Good luck.

All of the suggestions are valid, i would add one more, join a networking group like BNI, then you will have at lease one realtor who refers to you!

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This, this, and more this. I realize there are inspectors that would disagree, but I’m a firm believer that branding is everything. Short of those businesses that have either an effective monopoly or are otherwise in a field where there’s little to no competition (and even then it holds true), the most successful ones are the ones that create a dominant brand identity.

One of the webinars a month or so ago included a (paraphrasing here) comment that a home inspection company is a marketing company that does home inspections to pay the bills. I couldn’t agree more.


I was able to attend area realtor groups. usually one or two inspectors but it gets you out there so they get to meet you. I joined a BNI business group which allows only one member from each trade, Costs me 500 a year I get referrals from the group and provide them referrals for their services as well. Find a group near you without a inspector if possible. I did over 5,000 just from my BNI realtor referrals last year

Thanks, Ward, and all you other fellows too! I appreciate all the comments.

Robert, you are not talking a web guy. I have a web page but I didn’t make it and really don’t know what you mean by landing pages. Can you 'splain it a bit more? I will see what I can find out about the marketing company you mentioned but if you remember it, please send it.
Many thanks

Alright then. Thanks, Bob

Thanks, Larry. I am a member but will start searching through the tools more.

Why do you believe an agent should use you and not one of the 5 existing guys on their phone’s contact list? what was your pitch? Going around is easy, selling yourself is an art.

The two best ways to market is unfortunately directly to agents and folks shopping (open houses). The issue with google is that majority get an inspector’s contact from their agent, not google. So while you definitely want to be on google, it will only get you very small percentage of business unless you are in some very unique area of the country.

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Thanks, Simon, I appreciate the advice.

I am in a very unique area of the country because the majority got me by Google or word of mouth NOT agents. It was nice… :smile:

@lkage I tried what you suggested and the options for preferences were somewhat limited. As for the “Title”, the only options were “Non-member Guest” and “(none)”. I have been a member of InterNachi since before I got my license. Is there someone in particular that I can ask about this? I was curious why people kept saying join InterNachi since I was already a member.

So I did what you said and added my signor what to help generate leads

Maybe you have to get more badges, or whatever they’re called, to be able to add your signature?