Free Move In Certified PowerPoint presentation.
Many thanks to member Michael Ivie for this.

Thanks Mike!

“Summery” should be spelled “summary” at the headings of pages 6 through 9. Looks okay, otherwise.

Thanks James.

Nice looking PowerPoint Mike, thanks!

Thanks Jim, fixed:

Another misspell caught and fixed:

Nice job!

Thanks Mike. I was going to put one of those together. This just saved me a lot of time and effort. Nick, thanks for posting it for us to get.

What’s the best way to use this. Sorry, I’m new to all this computer presentation. Should I just bring this up and show them off this sight, or do i down load this and burn it?


At the bottom of slide 4 the word inspection has a 's after it. If you’ll take the apostrophe out you’ll have a better presentation.

The apostrophe ('s) indicates possession. A simple (s) is plural, which is the way it should read.

Great job on the presentation Mike!:slight_smile:

Nice presentation Mike.

thanks Mike ! You obviously put a lot of time into that, saving all of us the effort of doing likewise.

Thanks Mike, Looks real good

Nice work Mike. Thanks for sharing with us :slight_smile:

Great work, thanks for the power point.

Good job Mike!

Thanks Mike I am using it today!

Good Luck John, let us know the good, bad and ugly of your presentation. Hopefully all Good…:cool:

It went well and I sold an inspection.