Free! NACHI Chapter Electrical Inspection Seminars

Free NACHI Chapter Electrical Inspection Seminar for NACHI Members

NACHI Existing Basic One and Two Family Dwellings Electrical Systems Inspection Seminar

<LI value=0>Learn How to Recognize Existing Electrical Code Violations <LI value=0>Learn how to recognize “bootleg” wiring <LI value=0>Have Your Specific Questions Answered

  • This NACHI seminar is open to all NACHI chapters and can be presented at your facility for larger groups
    Instructor: Joe Tedesco, NACHI Certified Electrical Trainer and Member – Author, Certified IAEI Electrical Inspector, Code Expert and Master Electrician!
    Purpose of Training

A basic introduction to Electrical Fire and Shock Safety for Home Inspectors designed to expand the knowledge and awareness of even the most experienced Home Inspector, while at the same time, being practical enough for those who are relatively new to the home inspection industry. This is a great course for Home Inspectors who are required to meet continuing education requirements, supervisors who are responsible for inspections and individuals in general who just want to make sure they are doing their job right. This course is designed to provide the knowledge you need to safely conduct your work.
Course Overview and Objectives

Learn how to inspect existing and new one and two family dwellings electrical systems, and most importantly, how to make recommendations for corrections.
To ensure you get the most from this course, students will be asked about specific topics or situations they need addressed at the beginning of the seminar. Joe Tedesco will then make sure each specific question gets answered. Let Joe know what you need to learn, and he will make sure you get the answers and references.
**Discussion Topics **

<LI value=0>Introduction, Basic Electrical Safety and Industry Definitions <LI value=0>Basic Requirements for new Electrical Installations <LI value=0>Understanding Wiring and Protection Requirements <LI value=0>Proper Identification of Grounded (Neutral) Conductors <LI value=0>Inspecting Existing Branch-Circuits, Feeders and Services <LI value=0>Inspecting Existing Outside Overhead and Underground Branch Circuits and Feeders <LI value=0>Understanding the Function of Overcurrent Protection <LI value=0>Discussion on proper Grounding and Bonding of electrical systems <LI value=0>Verifying all Wiring Methods and Materials <LI value=0>Understanding Uses for Conductors and General Wiring Applications <LI value=0>Inspecting Cabinets, Cutout Boxes, Meter Socket Enclosures <LI value=0>Inspecting Outlet, Device, Junction Boxes; Conduit, Bodies; and Fittings <LI value=0>Inspecting “BX” Armored Cable: Type AC <LI value=0>Inspecting Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable and Types NM-B, and NMS-B cables <LI value=0>Inspecting Conduit and Tubing Installations <LI value=0>Inspecting Liquidtight Flexible Conduit and Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing <LI value=0>Inspecting Equipment for General Use <LI value=0>Inspecting Various Types of Switches <LI value=0>Inspecting Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Caps <LI value=0>Inspecting Distribution Equipment and Panelboards <LI value=0>Inspecting Luminaires (lighting fixtures), Lampholders, Lamps <LI value=0>Verifying Correct Installation of Fixed Appliances <LI value=0>Inspecting Fixed Electric Space-Heating Equipment <LI value=0>Inspecting Motors, Motor Circuits, and Disconnecting Means for Motors

  • Inspecting Circuits for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
    **Seminar Agenda **

7:30 AM - Registration
8:00 AM - Class Begins
12:00-1:00 PM - Lunch (on your own)
5:00 PM - Class Ends

Any NACHI Chapter is entitled to this free seminar as long as Nick is notified well in advance and I am available.