FREE NACHI Chapter websites for ANY member who wants them.

Thanks Will,
and are you having a friday night cocktail!?

send me an email, let’s chat about chapter stuff


Very good, Carla!

Realize that you don’t necessarily need a treasurer, to start, esp if you are (hopefully) an ***in***formal chapter.

Consider just inviting all the members in your area to a simple lunch meeting on a Fri to discuss the vision of the chapter. See how everyone fits in, what their strengths & desires are.

Then plan a kickoff meeting, following guidelines at

I’ll be happy to help you with all that!

Site just added

Thanks it was so eay great template. I love the Lone Star flag Theme

\:D/ Now I am Looking for ideas for the first meeting. I want to make a good first impression. Any ideas for first meeting??? This lokks like a great event. Anyone have contact info about doing this in Tx???

This link for invitation postcard doesnt seem to work.

this one as well Send the local newspapers press-releases announcing the event:

I will call mine the “Davy Crockett National Forest” NACHI chapter.

Inspectors can ride their horses and camp out overnight if they
want to reach my location. The stars look nice at night and
we don’t dont need electricity. It takes too long to get here.

OK We have the Greater Milwaukee Chapter site here but now that we have formed the Wisconsin Chapter I have no way of having a site on NACHI’s chapter area since my username and password automatically brings me to the Greater Milwaukee site. We are building a separate site but would like on to be included on NACHI’s site to at least point to our new site.

What to do?

Ditto on that for Wisconsin. We have some hungry inspectors here, willing to travel for work.

I am guessing that when I hit the ‘Publish’ botton, and this is what it gives me, that I need HELP. Also, the design options at the top do not show up. I have tried editing it on several friends computers/internet connections with the same results.

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Hi Jason -

Thanks for pointing that out. You should be able to publish and see the different designs now. Let me know if you have any further problems.

Tim Eaton
NACHI IT Support

Thanks Tim! Works great now.