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NACHI Home Inspectors can have their sites advertised on the site which will be

operational on or about Januray 15th, 2006. We will accept e-mails effective 1-10-06, include your name, NACHI #, Firm Name, telephone #, e-mail address and web address to be included in this site.

No Charge for NACHI Members. We will be accepting NY NACHI members first. E-Mail Len Ungar at for more details. He will be in charge of the project in conjunction with the Long Island NACHI Chapter.

Non-NACHI members who wish to be included will be charged $ 150 annually. Postings will be placed by State, and then by Name of Firm-there will be a direct link to your web site- No referral charges, no fees, no cost involved, just another way to get your name out their- Donated by

If you are not interested, don't send an e-mail to Len Ungar. Only interested NACHI members will e-mail him. We will not accept information posted on this site- it needs to be from the inspector, and e-mailed directly to Len Ungar- He will either e-mail you or call you to verify that you wish to participate- FREE!