Free NCLHIA Membership

The NC Licensed Home Inspector Association (NCLHIA) and InterNACHI have teamed up and formed a partnership to meet the needs of their members and promote home inspection excellence!

As part of this agreement you may be eligible for a one year FREE membership in NCLHIA.

To register for your FREE NCLHIA membership click on the following link and complete the form.


Great Opportunity

Agreed, nice benefit.

Enrollment is still open

Just heading out down to the coast to check on my rentals, but this week has been very wet in many crawlspaces around RDU. Wondering how many others have seen higher than average moisture levels and wet spaces???

Yes especially with the recent rains from the hurricane.

The power of partnership is awesome and adding vital training and services to your business is very important. I speak with many inspectors across the state and find so little interest from them is adding additional services. While I have added swimming pool inspections to date it has been a great addition to my inspection services menu adding additional income at the point of service. If you are adding the NCLHIA membership let me just say the power behind this organization at the state level has been most beneficial to all inspectors across the state over the last 20 years. I recommend you consider joining a local NCLHIA Chapter in your area (or start one) that also gives you Inter-NACHI credit hours to meet the 24 hours requirement. Members joining together builds family and professionalism.
John Gainey
SE Chapter President