Free NHIE study guide

Send me your name and address (message me) and the first one who does gets the book.

Took the test and was done in about 1 1/2 hours. Figured I was doing ok so I just went fast as I could. Passed under 700, about average I’m told.
Lots of questions that didn’t belong there, poor graphics and testing questions covering things HI’s don’t usually do. But I’m done so I’d like to give this helpful book away.

Book is gone…!

Contest over.

So, for all the posters on the MB that are struggling to pass the NHIE, what words of wisdom/advice do you have for them?

Expect the unexpected.

This is more a mechanical test than an inspector test.

C’mon, you can do a lot better than that! -X

Well then. Take every Internachi class you can and be ready for some electrical and wood fireplace questions.
The ethics questions are oddly presented.

Overall, it had more to do with following what’s important to the NHIE as to what’s important when inspecting.



So basically, if you suk at reading comprehension and mind reading, and you don’t have a miniature “Crystal” or “Magic 8-ball”, you’re frucked!

Got it.

If you buy the NHIE study guide though you should do fine. I didn’t, I bought another guide for less money.