Free Online Electrical Class 05 August. Free and open to Everyone.

I also posted this message in the CMI and Electrical sections. I am posting it here also for the benefit of those who do not read the CMI thread.

                ** "**Inspecting Residential Electrical Systems -  

Advanced Topics and Concepts**"**
Course 01

Presented by George Wells**

       This course is approved for 4 Continuing Education Hours for first time participants who also read the offline course materials in advance.

[/FONT] [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]The course is approved for 2 Continuing Education Hours for all participants. Everyone is encouraged to attend the session if you have attended a previous session of CMI39420. No two classes are alike. The outline for the course is the same but each class is different because we have different participants and different questions each time.[/FONT]


      **Tues****day 05 August 2008, 9:00 pm, EDT

**(8:00 pm CDT, 7:00 pm MDT, 6:00 pm PDT)



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Approved for 2 or 4 Continuing Education Hours:

       InterNACHI and  CMI

       Advance  registration required

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Note to Participants:

     **Please log-in using your real first and  last name to be able to participate and to earn continuing education credit. Your real first and last name must appear on the screen during the class. **

Important Information

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Direct your questions and comments to Hank Valenzano. Hanks is the Forum’s administrator. I do not have access to the administrative functions so even if I knew how to help you with the Forum I would not be able to.

Hank’s contact information:
Telephone 719-635-6425 Verizon 719-499-3943E-mail
Turn off your pop-up blockers. you will not have sound if you have pop-up blockers turned on.
Log in using MS Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.
Make sure your Java is up to date.

Help Others
It is a big help to me and to everyone when participants help each other with technical difficulties. I have had requests for help with turning off MSN and AOL pop-up blockers. I do not use AOL or MSN so I can’t help. If anyone uses either of these systems as your web browser and can help others, I am sure they will appreciate your help.

Continuing Education Hours
You must log in using your real first and last name and you must complete the registration form at to qualify for your continuing education hours.

Some of you are members of organizations other than the four sponsoring organizations. We will have your records so your organizations may give you credit for the course. One of the reasons for tightening up the registration and auditing is to ensure the quality and integrity of the classes. I am hopeful that other organizations will recognize our efforts and yours and allow you to use the credits.

Course code
I will give you a code during the class to use when logging your continuing education hours.

Just a reminder:

If you have not participated in our live sessions before, try to log in to the forum early so you are sure that you can get in and that you have sound.

Pop-up blockers prevent the sound from working properly. Be sure you turn off all your pop-up blockers during the session.

Many past participants have unaware that they had multiple pop-up blockers running simultaneously. When they would turn off the one pop-up blocker that they now of, they would still not have sound. In some cases, by the time they found the other pop-up blockers, they missed a significant portion of the class.

There are usually a least a few experienced participants who log in early and can help with sound or anything else you may need help with. I try to log in 15 minutes to half an hour early to help also.