Free Online IR training

Just passing this on from ITC: Not soliciting!
I’d like to personally invite you to our latest **FREE Live Online Tutorials **that we’re running this Friday, May 5, 2017:

Overview of IR Optical Gas Imaging at 11:00am EDT (View in your timezone&))
Join us for an overview of how infrared technology is successfully used for gas leak detection. You will learn what type of infrared camera is needed, examples of gases that can be identified, environmental conditions required, safety considerations, and much more. Register Now.

**Basics of Using IR for Home Inspections **at 2:00pm EDT (View in your timezone&))
Are you a home inspector interested in adding infrared thermography to your list of services? Do you already own an infrared camera and want to learn more about where it can be used in a home? This tutorial will provide an overview of where and how thermal imaging can assist you during a property inspection. Register Now.
If you find either of these topics useful, but the time perhaps isn’t right for you, please go ahead and still register and we’ll send you the recording when it’s available.

Maybe someone can learn how hot is too hot when it comes to the circuit breaker.

And it’s free! Just have to take the initiative to learn it all yourself instead of coming here and asking questions without substance.

Unlike some other sources, this “free” training is by people who are actually qualified to teach the subject.

Take it!

Much thanks Scott.

I’ve done all their free instruction.

Have you any next schedule for this course in June?

Hi Tasdid!

Go take a look on the ITC website and you can probably see scheduling.

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