Free outside, online, continuing education courses.


Big thanks to Russ Myers for this.

The thanks goes to all the members of the Education Committee who spent countless hours compiling all this material

Wow ! This is great ! I can’t wait to dig in .

Many of these sites require addtional login or registration. Any tips?

Many (Certinteed’s for example) do not display any NACHI affiliation. Anyone on this. (Not that this is a problem.)

Great job, guys.

Go get 'em Russ.

Hi to all,

All of these courses are free and although some require registration that is all they require and I have not been spammed by any of the supplying orgs or businesses.



Nice list of courses.

Thats awesome! Thanks! I love learning more!! it never stops!

The man who thinks he knows it all is a true idiot. Thanks for the info I will put it to good use.

NACHI is great!

Thank you to all who worked on this!!


Great Post- No one can say they can’t get the NACHI required CE,“FREE” since with these classes in place, there are 10+ years of classes.