Free pink barbie electric kid car.

Working Pink bug. For a young child mine is 4 and no longer wants it. I will give it to any local inspector who wants it or can give it to someone who could not afford it. I am willing to meet at I-95 and Griffin Road in Dania Beach. First come First serve. Call or email me if you want it… :mrgreen:

That’s nice of you Mike. If no one claims it, you might want to call the local food bank, or a church in a low income area. They probably know of a family that would really like it, but would never be able to afford it.

I have a great long time ex-employee from Haiti. He has a long drive to get here so I figured I would offer it up to anyone on here if they lived close by. I’ll call my friend if no one local wants it.

Bob backed into a post last week. He might want to use it for awhile.

Funny guy ,you are.:slight_smile:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Just think, you could pick up Linas and go for a burger :mrgreen:

Dom -

why don’t you use it at the go kart track in Vegas. You can fit perfectly into it with the skinny little body and better yet, pink goes with all black.

I’d still be faster than you on the track :wink:

Post low speed Plus Kia= right off
Bob are you OK?