Free PowerPoint presentation about mold. Watch it now.

Couldn’t figure out how to download it. Would be good short show for realtors, homeowners assoc, etc. Put NaCHI tag front and back, etc.

How do you get it downloaded to powerpoint?

Nice. I would suggest a list of material for further reading for the geeks, at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:


Use your mouse and (right click) on the .ppt link.

Then move your mouse pointer down to “Save Target As…” (left click)

On the “Save As” pop-up window select where you would like to save it and what you want to call the saved file.

(I suggest that you (left click the arrow) for the “Save In:” pull-down menu and select “Desktop”. Then (left click) “Save”. This will save the file to your desktop of the computer and make it easy to find.)

Now all you have to do is (double, left click) the icon of the “.ppt” file and it should open automatically for you.

Does this work for you?

Hi to all,

for those who are having problems with this file here is a .pps version of the file that should work.

Click here



:)Thanks Gerry,that worked great for me Matt.


Very nice power point!!

Will the author of the presentation please reveal himself.

Seems like a good presentation in which history and present day reality seem to co-exist!

This should be incorporated into a NACHI presentation. Hats off to the author


A friend of mine e-mailed this power point presentation to me,I thought it was a great educational tool for fellow NACHI members!!

Author unknown.

OK. No copyright notice on it, so I thought I’d ask.

I think we all should send Mario a nickle for every copy we make .
I owe him $1;20 so far .
Roy Cooke


Nick and Roy

And I will collect next time I see you both!
Lets see now $1.20 +$1.25= One beer from each of you.Ha Ha.

You will be lucky if you can buy one root beer with that much money . Thanks for the disk love it thanks your buddy to.
What kind of books does he like .
I will start and save some to give to him when he goes to Jail.
Roy Cooke

I didn’t make it past slide 4. :frowning:

Technical issue, or are you just not into Leviticus?

You’re funny, Nick. But I knew that.

Dead Rabbi’s don’t speak.

Maybe we need to go back to the old ways tear out what’s damaged and replace it.

I like the misinformation still being spread. The Ballard case started at $36 million finally settled for less than $4 million but that does not get the “mold is gold” pot stirred.

Sure looks like a new background on the ESA course presentation that both ESA and Pro-Lab used to use. May be some differences but I don’t have time to campare the two. First glance: same presentation.