Free Publicity: Reporter wants to talk to NACHI member in SC, GA, AZ, NM or OR.

*I’m writing a story for XXXX about how homeowners can diagnose serious problems in their house. For instance, ice dams along the roof eaves indicate a problem with insulation, or mold at the base of a basement wall indicates that water is seeping in the foundation. I know home inspectors here in XXXX where our magazine is located, but I’d like to talk to inspectors in other parts of the country about the most common problems they see, and how they identify them.

I would like to find knowledgeable inspectors in the southeast (South Carolina or Georgia?), southwest (Arizona, New Mexico) and northwest (Oregon). We pay an hourly rate for consultants, and also give a credit at the end of the article. If you have any names you could send me, I would appreciate it.*

Email me if you are interested in this free publicity at and I will forward you her contact information.