Free Radon Testing Addendum (when a home inspector hires a subcontractor).

Am I not understanding this?

I am performing a general home inspection for a client and using a subcontractor to perform radon testing. Generally the home inspection is not at my client’s residence.

#6 states the subcontractor is leaving equipment at my client’s residence.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

In my opinion if you are a HI and you don’t do radon testingthen their is only 1 good way to do this and eliminate your liability and keep basically at arms length.

Find a good certified tester in your area. Work our a Referral fee with him per test. When your client asks for a radon test, tell them you personally do not do Radon testing but if they want a good recommendation to call YOUR RADON GUY. They get the test thy want, you get a few marketing /referral bucks in your pocket, and you have no liability as your guy contracted directly with your client and made their own deal and all the rest…
A win, win for all parties.

I have a bunch of inspectors and other environmental companies etc… that use me for all their Radon and Mold testing.


That’s a good catch. Thank you. I was assuming that in the case of radon testing you were working for the homeowner, especially if you were just doing radon testing and not a home inspection. I will fix this and put up revised copies tomorrow. Meanwhile, change it to suit your needs. I think you can see what we’re trying to accomplish. Mark