Free Radon Testing Addendum (when inspector performs testing).

Thanks Nick.
Would still like an updated version for a stand alone Radon test w/o an HI.

Hi, Jeffrey –

We’ve always had one, but it was just recently given an overhaul so that it’s now in Plain English (this is an actual movement in many professions to eliminate legalese from documents, and it’s a passion of our legal counsel, Mark Cohen):

Check out our Library of Inspection Documents to find and download more that may be of interest. (You must be logged in as a member.)

Yes, I am aware. I requested the update last week to Nick, of which Nick passed along to Mr Cohen. I saw this posted and not the requested update, so wanted to be sure there was no misunderstanding in my request.

Jeffrey, this is indeed a stand-alone Radon Agreement, now in Plain English and just one page long:

I updated it yesterday based on Mark Cohen’s revision.

If you’re referring to something else, please let us know.

Ok, got it now. Your post above (#3) is not the same link or version as posted by Nick as the subject of this thread, or my reference to said thread. Confusion ensued.