Free Recall Ckeck Service

Why pay for a service when you can get it free??? We Make It Safer is a free service to check for recalls. It actually offers more services than other service and you don’t have to make the Maserati payments, It’s free.

They have website widgets for those that are interested.
Let your clients know that this does not add to the cost of their inspection like some of the “other” services do.

Maserati payments? Too damn funny. Successful people who make others successful pay cash.


Funny??? It’s not funny, it’s hilarious.:p:p

Oh look!!! They have a free mobile app too!!!
I wonder if anyone pays for similar services???
Too funny!!!

AndFacebook Apps!!!! Free???
Too hilarious!!! I better change my Depends.:stuck_out_tongue:

and just like the “Free” Ancillary Services…
There are also “Free Home Inspection” Checklists for Buyers…

Do you endorse them as well?

… If Not…
Why Not???

Who cares??

Hello Linas,

Excellent service and information! Thanks for the link and efforts. Yes isn’t it great that they offer all of that free to consumers instead of charging them for it? This service actually is much better than another one I have read about!

Keep up the great work in getting good messages like this out to the public.

I’m sure Nate will be along any minute now to explain his superior product. :wink:

Hello Manny,
You’re welcome. I will redo my websites to explain to the public how these programs differ. How one program requires payment for referral to select realtors and how one program which was developed by working mothers is free to the public. A link to a nationally renowned home inspector explaining the difference is in order also.:wink:

Keep in mind:

As Moldmaster Jim would say: Sad but true.

Do you know how many people pay tax preparers to file there 1040EZ taxes each year. All the information they need to do it is right on the government website.

Why would anyone pay for something that is free? Happens all the time, why? Because there is a better more professional way to do it. It’s not the only way by any means, but it is a better way if you so choose.

That would be a big fat “very few” to “Zero”, as most tax preparers, at least the ones performing the highest percentage of those returns… HR Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty, TurboTax, TaxAct, and others, DO THEM FOR FREE!

Government //// Form/////Easy

Sorry I just got confused already.:shock:

It’s not zero because I have tax preparer friends who get paid to do them every year. And even beyond the EZ forms, all the information you need to do your taxes is on a government website, yet people still pay to get them done.

It’s customer service providing the RecallChek and the ongoing monitoring that it provides. It’s not the only way, but personally I think it’s the better way.

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Have Ya’ll checked out the We Make It Safer site yet?

  • They have a lot of free applications to use.
  • I’ve tested their search function by distorting model and serial numbers and they still find the recalled items.
  • Also look at their privacy policy which they put right on their site for you to read and agree to before you even sign up! They value your privacy and do not sell your personal information to anyone so that you can have all manner of junk marketed to you.
  • Also look at the remainder of their documentation which is placed on their site, out in the open, so you can fully read all of the terms. Now that’s honesty in a business for you!
  • Hey and there is even no minimal fee for the service to consumers. It really is FREE. No paying for this service just to have your personal information used for further marketing of anything!
  • If you’re a business they can offer additional, and extensive, other services for you for a very, very small fee. If you’re a business you should check out their offerings as they have really thought this service out to help you help the consumers!

Wow! The founders at We Make It Safer sure know how to help consumers and businesses alike! From my perspective they sure do look like a real legitimate and worthwhile operation. Well worth checking it out!


**Y-A-W-N ****!!! **zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

That’s awesome that someone would promote an inferior service because they do not like the vendor of the better one.

At least it seems we are heading into the direction that providing recall information is beneficial :slight_smile: