Free Seminar on Basement repairs Nov. 2 in Burlington

You are invited to the Halton/Niagara PHPIO Regional meeting group’s first meeting:

The Black Bull Restaurant
1124 Guelph Line
Burlington, ON L7P 2S8
(905) 332-4922

We have a fine meeting room at the back of the restaurant with a seperate entrance

Monday Nov. 2, 2009
Registration from 6pm to 6:30pm
Introductions 6:30 - 6:45
Guest speaker is Peter and Richard of OMNI Basement Systems
Some new and inovative techniques such as repairing structural cracks in block wall basements!
6:45 - 7:45 seminar and questions about basements
7:45 - 8:30 other topic of discussions, such as future venues, speakers, suggestions, about PHPIO and NCA.

Admission is free, 50/50 draw and door prize, free coffee, soft drinks and juices.

I would ask that you send an email to advise if you are attending because the sponsor has educational material to hand out during the seminar.

This is open to all home inspectors. Feel free to share this with other inspectors.

Also a table will be set up to Sell, Trade and Buy used Home Inspection tools,testers and equipment!!


Allan Spisak - General Manager (PHPIO Regional Chair – Halton/Niagara)
ACISS Home & Commercial Inspections
(905) 633-8219

Please e-mail if you are planning to attend so we can have enough educational materials on hand for the seminar.

Funny… i am a member and i was not invited ,Hey!!!.. Bill mullen, report that back to the troops!!! What organization has an event and does not invite its members what the fu##$$%%$$#!!! I paid you people to join what??? i find out about a phpio event on NACHI??? good thing i belong here or i wont know what is going on in canada!!! I want my money back what a crappy organization phipo is!!!

Who said you were not invited? Why blame Bill, this was being announced in the next newsletter.

Kudos for Allen taking the initiative and getting the meeting arranged. Just send an email to Allen so he can get an idea about the numbers for handouts, etc.

How can you go wrong when the meeting is “free”.

Cheers, Claude

Sorry Claude, just thought that the proper way of being notified by the organization would be hearing from that organization first, not through another organization and as far as bill mullen is concerned he sits on the phipo board and i would hope embarrased that a member would hear of this Free event through another organization. Did not mean to Offend you Claude. But i pay dues to phpio and expect professionalism.

Is this the same Allan Spisak of CANACI fame? Has CANACHI absorbed PHIPIO?

This meeting was posted on PHPIO web site almost a week ago, I tried to e-mail as many local inspectors as I had time to search for them. This (NACHI) was another venue to get out the information.

We have about 25 registered/e-mailed to attend.

We have a great speaker with some very interesting new techniques about repairing basements.

We also will have a person available to discuss Home inspector disability/accident insurance.

A few door prizes and free coffee and pop and this will count as education credits.

drop me an e-mail so we can get enough educational material for everyone.

John writes:

:shock: Note to self: Send future event invitations to John next-day-air, return-receipt-requested, certified mail with telephone follow-up. ;-):smiley:

Ha, ha, ha, ha, now that’s a classy operation!

Sorry Allan! Wrong Allan! I really need to clean my glasses more often. Looks like CANACHI is safe for another day.

About 25 registered so far for this good educational event, walk ins also welcome.

Dont forget we will have a home inspection equipment table for those who may want to sell or buy, bring items you want to sell.

e-mail so we can get enough basement repair printed materials for everyone.