Free stereo systems for NACHI members.

ben kelly
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Just a taste of what is coming tonight after midnight. This thread is not a Daily Door Prize.

Vana White ain’t got nothin’ on NACHI! :smiley:

“Women and trailer not included.”

To win, be the first to reply to each day’s thread, all begin with “Today’s Daily Door Prize…”

Dang the luck


DANG you NICK…I knew their was a CATCH…but I did not want the TRAILER…:slight_smile:

They are too young for you… and too old for me. :wink:

Anyway, I think I have a couple trips (including air fare) coming to the Daily Door Prize soon.

Is that a TV in the trailer also?

lol…you gonna make me TEACH while on them if I win um…lol…or freebies…lol;)

TOO YOUNG…BAH…I am only 21…:wink:

I need a trip. I haven’t been on vacation since I was a kid.

Sure would be nice to win a Disney package for the kids, they’ve never been. :slight_smile:

Uh Paul…you passed 21 awhile ago. You da queen o da nile! :wink:

WHAT…I am 21…ok…ok…I have tools that are over 21…lol


Is your offer for the electrical portion of the book still on the table?

Sure Wendy…how much money you got…lol…now you know I will help any way you need it…thats what I am here for.

Thanks Paul!

You know we can work something out. I just can’t pay you until Nick pays me. :smiley:

Would you send me some ideas for the chapter on electrical. My whole idea is to be very user friendly and focusing on people learning how to prevent damage to their homes, rather than repair. Also, it will all tie into the bottom line…in other words, realizing a greater return in the long run through proper care and maintenance of the systems of the home. Something that may be rather mysterious to the average jane/joe…

What do you think?


I like doing things for the NORMAL person…:)…just let me know the style and format of the presentation…and I will see what I can do for you.

I agree…preventative methods versus repair methods…sounds interesting

Okay good! I’m glad you like it. Everything I’ve read so far, even when it’s a home care guide for home owners, is still very technical and difficult to read for the average person.

Is it okay if I email the outline to you?

sure dear…go for it

Deanna’s a screen star AND going into music now, too?
Pretty soon she’ll be too highfalutin’ to drink with at conventions!