free swap mold testing

I am A NACHI member#05071993 and the VP of the St. Louis Metro east Nachi chapter. My name is Pete Barnes and I own Barnes Home Inspections, INC… I do business in both MO. and IL… I am thinking of offering 1 free swap mold test to my clients if there is a possible need when doing my inspection. Hoping that the clients feels they are getting something for free. It’s cost is very small and I would only do the 14 day result fee. What do my fellow members think of this?

Pete Barnes
Barnes Home Inspections

I always applaud a good marketing angle, and if you can do it and people are interested then go for it.

One note of caution - here in PA, the typical contingency period is 10 -14 days. Your 14 day test would not meet that window and would put buyers (at least in this region) in a position where they find out they have mold too late to do anything about it (i.e. negotiate with the seller).

Your milage may vary and it may not be a major issue (or you might be able to upsell a faster test) but I wouldn’t want to see someone find out they have mold and freak out because they can’t back out of the deal or have the seller remediate the issue.

Pete, consider calling it a mold swab test; I’m not sure how many folks would want to swap mold. . .

Also, consider stating that the first swab test is free (leaving you the opportunity to makes some money on a swab from another location on site).

Thanks for the advice.

Pete Barnes

Russell, Thanks for the advice.

Pete Barnes

Glad to help. Let me know if your chapter needs a Guest Speaker!

Russell my cat is having a meeting of all cat’s in Orlando. Can you have your dog come speak to them on how to avoid dogs.

Gary would like my dog Oakley to be a guest speaker

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Or there is always the dog that was at my inspection yesterday. Guess what crawl space did not get fully inspected. Or the front and left hand side of the house

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