Free to dog and cat owners

As some on here know, after 11,400+ inspections since October 2001, my knees really don’t like crawling around in attics or under these beach homes that have a whopping nine inches of clearance.

Thus, I’m attempting to work my way out of the home inspection business, and I’m using my experience and love of photography to do that by creating Photographic Art.

So, for the first 20 respondents here, I’m offering free reflection Photographic Art of pet dogs or cats (see accompanying picture). Only dogs and cats right now. I will get to pet horses, pigs, snakes, lizards, birds, etc., next time.

Respond in a comment and I’ll let you know how to get your picture to me. The digital Photographic Art file will be yours to keep, at no cost!

Hey Russell, I would love to take advantage of your offer. Thanks! Robert

Same here…my bride would love it.
Thank you! :smiley:

im in, can I send one photo of my dog and cat together?

I’m in!! My Girlfriend has 6 rescue dogs, 3 rescue horses and 2 lucky cats! I’ll try to take pics and get them to you! Good luck with your knees!!

I have sent private messages to everyone up to this point.

Hi Russel,
I would like it too.

I do not need it but I wish you the best of luck. Hope like hell you make it and get out of doing this crap :slight_smile:

But I love doing home inspections! Only my knees are complaining!

Best of luck !


Yes I would like it also, thank you!

I’ll take one if they’re still available.

Thanks RR

I would like one too Russell. Very generous offer.

Molly wants in. Let me know what to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Very first digital camera picture I ever took was this one and is still the best one I have ever taken.
Used a Nikon CoolPix purchased back in 2001.Only 3 times optical and believe was 3.6 MP which was high end back then.Still have the camera and need to buy batteries if they can still be purchased.
Eyes and nose were touched up with my early Gimp attempts.

Russel definitely has talent, here’s the picture he did for me.
Thank you Russel

damon reflection (Small).jpg

For those of you who have responded before my comment here, email your photos to me at Email the largest you have available because that will make the best picture. When necessary, I do modify the picture to give you the best it can be. Modifications might involve lightening shadows, cropping, removing blemishes, etc., but if you don’t like the work I do and want Photographic Art of your original picture, untouched, just let me know. As an example, in Peter’s picture directly above my comment here, he has a black dog which was pretty black in the original picture. I modified the picture so that the poor black dog now has a face and an expression, more detail.


Sounds good :smiley: