Free to whomever wants them. XXL coveralls for crawl space inspections.

First one who wants them can have them. No charge.

Any big boys out there?

I’ll take em Nick
Lots of crawlspaces in Alabama

David Keough
1320 Arrowhead Trail
Alabaster, Al 35007

Shipping now. I’ll throw in a bunch of door prizes too. Congrats!

I’ll take whatever you have in the extra-short size. :wink:

Wendy, Maybe you can get Nick to cut off half of the legs and arms for you. :wink:

Extra short people can stroll through a crawl space. What do you need coveralls for?

LOL! :cool:

Okay, I’m not THAT extra short!:cool:

Thanks for the offer, but last year when I changed my price on my crawl space adder to $150 for a home inspection, I found out I could leave my crawl suite home. :cool: