Free updated Standard Home Inspection image

We’ve updated our Standard Home Inspection image, which you can download from our Gallery for free use.

View the image in our gallery here

Hi Chris, you created a new logo for me but I have yet to see it shown here in the forum.

What gives?

Peter, go to your Control Panel of this forum and add it to your signature.

Footer? lol. It’s a footing. Footings are underground & I don’t dig to “check” them.

As far as roofing underlayment and A-coils as well…not many people “check” those.

But we do check stairs. :wink:

yes, good one :smiley:

As Josh and Marcel have noted there are many inaccuracies on this "updated’ image.

And what’s with the date?

Standard Home Inspection

Uploaded December 31, 1969

The illustration kind of alludes to the ability to “see” inside walls and floor structures. Just sayin’.

Please re update

We’ve made some changes to the image, thank you all for your suggestions.

View the image in our gallery here.

Better, thank you!
There still quite a few that should be changed/added, to make it more user friendly. After all, it’ll be for client’s eyes, not ours. Here’s a few suggested changes (that coincide with SOP):

  • Re-add chimney (just chimney only, don’t say flue or anything else)
  • Add roof penetrations - point to plumbing vent pipe
  • Add soffit/fascia, instead of just fascia
  • Add gutters/downspouts
  • Add stairs, handrails, guardrails, etc.
  • Remove footing
  • Remove stem wall and replace with foundation - most buyer’s aren’t going to know what a stem wall is :wink:

Again, ty.


Maybe also replace shingles with roof
Remove roof & attic and just say attic
Remove gable end? Doesn’t make sense with this graphic.

Maybe rafters/trusses also

That’s it for now :smiley:

Why not just use the SOP book for all items that need to be checked as a guideline for items that are visible in this graphic and be done with it. :wink: