Free Webinar for Home Inspectors: 5 Steps to Get on the 1st Page of Google

We’re always looking for valuable information we can share with our members to help your businesses grow. And that’s why we’re inviting you to attend our free webinar with Phil Frost of Main Street ROI about search engine optimization (SEO):

*"5 Steps to Get Your Home Inspection Business *Ranking on the First Page of Google!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 12pm Eastern

Click the link below to sign up and register:

When you attend the webinar, you’ll learn practical strategies you can use right away to attract more customers from Google. Plus, you’ll get answers to all of your questions about search engine optimization (SEO).

Here’s the page again when you can register for free:

I’ll be there.

32 inspectors registered so far!

Make it 33 :slight_smile:

I better go do what I have to do Now so I can be back here in time. Thanks for setting this up for us.

Thanks for the info. What sucks is I come up on the first page for what I want naturally but am surrounded by PAY TO PLAY ads. It goes up to $4 a click for good words.

If only we could get people to understand why to use those in the natural selection INSTEAD of those who pay to surround the real deals :slight_smile:

Hm…in my area it’s $8.52 for “home inspection”, and $10.29 for “San Diego Home Inspection”. “Property Inspector” is $18.26. So think of the ad word budget you would need here.

insane… I would not do it. I did not even check Home Inspector.


Wish I had seen this in time. Will the webinar be available in the video library at some point?


You will get killed with emails and calls. I even was nice and gave them a good review when asked and asked them to stop contact me and they still do.

Yes. It’s at

Thanks Ben!

Most of the guys getting good ranking from natural selection have paid far more for seo than the ones paying for Adwords. Organic is really no more valid than adwords imo.

Well Your CLIENTS see it differently. Those who pay for adwords, I used to and will have to start to soon, are front and center now days. Many people do not even go past the top three top PAYERS sites. The Natural selection does not even give them the exact wording you get like you do with ad words. I am on the first page in my area for wind mitigation and wind mitigation inspector for example. Since I stopped Ad words around Oct 1 I get very few calls even though I am on the first page naturally. Google ONLY cares about their advertising income and not those who would benefit if the pay to play guys were gone. I would be the same as google if I were them. Someone above said clicks are approaching $20 per click just to take you to a page. Hmmmmm that seems like mighty big bucks for google. To be honest the people that run or “try” to help people set up an adwords account SUCK. They will get you for every dime possible.