Free Webinar: "Free, Online Continuing Education for Licensed Real Estate Agents"

Free, live webinar: "Free, Online Continuing Education for Licensed Real Estate Agents,"Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 9:00 PM EDT.

Visit InterNACHI’s Google+ Event page (free Google account required) at

Watch this short promo video at that page.

InterNACHI is now hosting webinars for real estate agents and brokers. At the webinar, agents and brokers will discover how to earn all their required continuing education to keep their real estate licenses, online, for free, forever.



Even if your agents aren’t interested in attending, you should invite them anyway.

Even if they hate us for being too thorough/deal killers? :smiley:

Is this webinar only for those agents who are in states where Nachi credits count towards there CE’s or will they be able to participate in earning credits through Nachi even if there state does not accept them. Here in Lovely Minnesota, I don’t believe there eligible.