Free Webinar: "Inspection Software Throwdown"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT
Open to everyone.
Come watch the battle unfold as owners of four top software companies compete by giving us their best demonstration of their software. Each will be given 7 minutes to show us why their software is the best.

In this Inspection Software Throwdown, we have:

  • Dominic from Home Inspector Pro,
  • Carl from 3D Inspection Software,
  • George from BestInspectors.Net, and
  • Russel from HomeGauge.

We’ll also have time for “Questions & Answers” with the owners.

Attendance is limited to only 1,000 people, so register now and log in early.

50% discount off the 1-year membership to InterNACHI
for every non-member who attends (upon request

That’s pretty cool

Awesome, I look forward to it.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Can we declare Dom the winner ahead of time ?

Count me in!

A great way to answer one the most asked questions, expect it to fill up fast.

It’s NOT really a showdown if the software is only demonstrated and not compared with each other by feature, advantage, and benefit.
We need to hear BRUTAL comparisons.

Let’s see which one gets the award

I’ll do my best in comparing the software.

However, there will be a final poll asking attendees which software is the best. So, the winner in this competition will be determined by you.

The webinar recording is now available.

You’re going to poll the audience? Ouch.

Oh… this is going to be too good. I’m there.

Why was 3 hole punch not invited?
It’s fixed I tell ya.

I don’t understand what that means. Please explain.


No need for mobile software as all “Three Hole Punch” inspector kits come with mechanical punch devices which allow those on the go to simply use my patented punch card process.

I include in all my kits a simple “Fast start” guide to assist them in learning the tried and true [Fortran] and [Cobol] computer languages.

Once on site ,entry is done manually with the “Three Hole Punch” device and then once back at the shop you only need to enter the card into a slot on the IBM reconditioned {computer Brain} for the entire black and white report to print out on your home zerox machine.

Below is one of my many happy employees.

Work smart and save time for lunch with “Three HOLE Punch”

Hm. Yeah. Still don’t get it. But thanks for sharing, Bob.
I hope you can make it to the webinar.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 5.10.08 PM.png
745 inspectors registered so far!

Wow! Should be fun.

“Three Hole Punch” reporting software is the best as our many users will attest to.
Simply because you refuse to learn the radical concept is no reason to ignore it.

By next year it will be the #1 inspection software.

The “Council of Men” now endorses it.

Yeah, I use the 3-hole punch system too in conjunction with HIP and it works great. :slight_smile:

10:00 it is, but I will be sleeping, so send me a tape.

I am curious too if 3-hole punch makes it;. :wink:

Thanks Marcel
As one of our first users I will be sure to send you any upgrades in card stock or punching devices.

The free wrist wearable checklist with attached pencil set will be sent to you with no delivery charge as well. :slight_smile:

“Happy Holidays” from the gang.