Free webinar: "Tips for Inspecting the House Exterior"


Answer “Yes” to the question “Are you going to watch?”


I’ll be there.

In my opinion Exterior can be the most potentially liable part of the inspection.
Hope focus is on lot grade,water management and wall coverings vs minor items .

Sure foundations and structure are important but they are not as visible to the inspector unless you are going around doing phase and new construction all day.

I will be sure to cover those subjects, Bob. See you there.

Anyone have additional tips for this topic?

Attend the webinar tonight. Ben’s webinars are the largest events in the industry, often with upwards of 3,000 inspectors in attendance.

I just tried to Join (by clicking on your link) and I get an error saying “the event may have been deleted or the wrong URL may have been used.”

Looking forward to the deck part as I just had one yesterday. All wrong!!! I had to tell my Client basically it needs to be rebuilt from scratch.:frowning:

Tim do you have a google + account?

Yes oh course. Business and personal. I’ll clear my cache and try again in a bit.

The Google Events link is not working. Their system is down. I’m trying to create a new live event that will work for everyone.

Is it on yet?

Ben working on it. Google site down.

Google should let InterNACHI’s IT Department manage their websites.


That should fill up those empty Racks Nick.:wink:

Hi, everyone. Looks like the Google Event site went down on us. We tried everything. Other folks with events were experiencing the same issue.

So, let’s reschedule. I’ll try to notify everyone, but you’d better email me, and I’ll send you a notice about the next online class.

Hi, everyone.

We have a video recording of the live class at