Free Websites to all InterNACHI Chapters

Nick and I have worked together on a setup to give free websites to all InterNACHI Chapters. These sites would have more features and marketing via SEO than the current sites, but should be used in conjunction with the existing InterNACHI free chapter sites.

The sites now include (more to come)

  • SEO page names so your chapter gets better search engine results
  • Photo galleries for you and your members to show off your hot shots.
  • Link Directory to add links to all your chapter members websites and other sites of interest.
  • Chapter Discussion Forum
  • Create unlimited pages for other content you need for the chapter
  • Ability to upload chapter documents
  • Choose from multiple designs
  • Create list of all members
  • Create a calendar of events
  • View site logs & charts
  • News Feeds
  • More to come
  • You can use your own chapter domain name
    The sites will have a single line at the bottom of the site that says ‘Website Hosted by Home Inspector Pro.’ We’d appreciate it if you let your inspectors know about our new inspection hosting service, but that’s up to you.

I am looking for a few Chapters that are interested in testing this out right now before we go completely live with our service to all inspectors and Chapters. If you are interested, please let me know.

If there are other features you think these sites should have, please let me know.

I’m game. Ours is already up and running, though.

Hey James,

Great! The goal is that this could work as an addon or stand alone to the current InterNACHI chapter sites as the current sites are limited in their capabilities to pretty much just text pages. At a minimum you could copy your content from the current site over in a few minutes (I can help you too). Then we can setup the additional features.

You’ll need to get a domain through godaddy or yahoo (will cost you $10) like then let me know and we can start setting it up from there. So think hard about what you’d want your domain name to be!

Since I’m flying tomorrow to Colorado to meet up with Nick, Russ and Kenton through Sunday I probably won’t get you completely setup until next week, but we can at least get you started.

So hosting is free?
Cool …I am in.

Free for the Chapter site!! I’d go broke if I gave it to everyone for free. I have to pay for the servers ya know, and they aren’t cheap!

Geez Dom, come on!

Didn’t you know we all give all of our services away free, why don’t you???:shock::mrgreen:

Money hungry vendors!:shock::shock:

I know, I know :slight_smile: Ha ha. I was thinking of doing a free single page for the inspectors who are still scared of getting their own domain. Then they could have like , but I don’t know if that would be worth it.

Ok Dominic, If you still have room, I would like to setup NachiOhio with you also. Thanks for the offer. If you are full at this time, keep me informed when you are ready for the full roll out.

Hey Dom,

Plz finish my website before you take on any more work (huh)…:lol:

Hi Mark,

I still have a few more spaces, go ahead and get a domain name through yahoo or You might want to check with nick if you need to get or if it’s ok to use NACHI on it’s own.


Hey Dale,

Everything for their sites is done by them. The additional features won’t be added until after I finish your site and I get back from NACHI HQ this weekend. Don’t worry, you’re almost done :mrgreen:


You’re alright ole buddy…!!!

One website making som-bitch…:lol: :lol:


Sorry to say here is our current site which no one has worked on or edited in years??? NACHI North Texas

I’ve contacted the server and have only been able to get my name added to the list…what can we do to change this with your offer?
Is our domain transferable?
I’d at least like to post our meeting schedule for '08 and add some further info…Current Events


:smiley: Aww shucks. We will have you up and finished by the end of next week, if not sooner.

Hi Barry,

If you purchased the domain you should definitely be able to transfer it wherever you want. I looked at the records for the domain and they aren’t very clear. The records show that is the registrant for the domain so you will need to contact them to ask if you can move the site to a new server. All it requires is a simple change on the NameServer (NS) records.

If they give you any trouble let me know and I’ll help you out. Some of these companies kept the rights to the domain name itself so they might give you some trouble.



I sent a request mail to the talking heads and we’ll see what the reply is.


Sounds good.

Leave Dominic alone because we want him on the HIP program…

Hahaha. Don’t worry, I figured out how to make one clone. The second one is in the works right now.

Hey Guys,

After a few months of having lots of inspectors settings up and creating sites, I finally had the chance to site down and work out all the features and get everything setup for the Chapter sites that want a free site. Scott Hand set up over the past few days and has done an awesome job. Members have the ability to post to the photo galleries, message board, blogs, link directory and more. It’s kind of like a mini InterNACHI site.

Several of you guys expressed interest in getting a site up in the past. Let me know if you’re ready. Remember, free to all Chapters.