Free Wind mitigations/reinspections

Gotta love it. Election season is having it’s effect. I wonder how the reinspectors are going to like doing reinspections for free.

What are the new tools to dispute the first inspection?

The re-inspectors will still get paid, Citizens will be taking the hit. It will still be cost beneficial to Citizens as they are making a profit of 2-3x what they are paying for 1 re-inspection.

Here is the official press release:

Does anyone think they will ever be able to see around anything in the attic.

I bet they still won’t.

You mean I.D. will get paid. Somehow I think the actual inspector will be doing these for free. Just saying.

Probably not because they don’t want to say their inspector screwed up. Imagine a reinspector who works for ID going on a re…reinspection.

The best bet for consumers is to get an independent wind mitigation inspector to refute the findings of the original reinspection that resulted in lost discounts.

Not gonna happen, Tom.

We dispute these all the time, and get them turned over. They were getting so much bad press, they had to make some kind of statement.

Good move, Citizens. Good news for policyholders.

I said in Tally (OIR) at the 8/2010 public hearing regarding the 1802. Zoe was there, for any ins. company doing reinspections, the OIR should have an appeals process in place. Building departments have an appeals board. The courts have appeals.

For Citizens to reinspect a reinspection by their own sub, is a conflict of interest. It should be independent and an appeals process should make the determination of who is right.

It takes complaining in massive amounts in order for bureaucrats to get the message. If it wasn’t election season this attempt at changes to appease the masses wouldn’t be.

I definitely agree with you about the conflict of interest.

Someone listened to you…I will give you your props…thanx