Free Wireless Microphones

Hi Guys!
NACHI.TV is giving away some microphones that are no longer of use to us. We have four ATR35s Lavalier Wireless Microphones and two Sony Wireless Microphone Systems (WCS-999). Please reply, only if you can put them to good use! Almost new.

We only used them once or twice and then upgraded to high end ones, they are still in boxes.

Doug Edwards

Hey Doug email me at and I will ship those right out to you. Roy Cooke wants one, but I will ship you the rest.

I would love one.

Make sure Carmine gets one. Email coming to you. Thanks

Sorry Carmine and Doug, I sent them out already :frowning:


they would come in good use

Thank you anyway.

I got your address off the board. I’ll send you one. Doug

I could use one for our NACHI group, and our BNI group…:smiley:

Thank you Doug. That is very kind and gererous of you. Tell me what the shiping is and I can paypal you the money or send it via snail mail. Just let me know.