Freebies for customers

What do you like to give away at the inspection so people remember your company?

Pens and flashlights seem like the standard go to items. Do you leave anything cool?

A CD full of InterNACHI inspection articles, or the “Now that you have had a home inspection…” book.

Often, both. Every client gets the CD.

A USB flashdrive with your name on it

I give them a “Now” book, card, pen and notepad. My name is on it all. All in a nice neat folder with my company logo.

Bag of my home roasted coffee.

mmmmmmmmmm cooooooofffffffeeeee!!!

Now that you have had a Inspection book and a tape measure with my logo and telephone #

Me too
Cheers Americans don’t throw out books.

They also can’t remember you, so one of the purposes of the book is to anchor your contact information so that when they want to recommend you, they remember where to find your information.

A horrible inspection and report. They will remember you. :mrgreen:

Disclaimer: The above is not what I do. LOL

I give every client a “Now that you’ve…” book.

More expensive inspections get the presentation binder.

They all love it!

Presentation binders for all.

Custom pens to all attending clients, family, agents.
And high quality ones too!

Hard copy report;

Seems so old school.


Who prints reports anymore? Do you have a printer in your vehicle? Do you mail this package?

No, they are sent their electronic report the minute I am done, and they pick up the hard copy which includes other relevant information regarding home inspections.
I charge a little more, but give them a little more and don’t use all the toys on the market to provide it.

And yes I may be from the Old School.

But I have seen and learned a lot from it. :wink:

How do they “pickup” the hard copy, and what’s the incentive if they already have the report? Just trying to understand your process, not criticising it.

Most of them come directly to my house and pick it up.
I add information like the books you see in the photo, Copies of the Estimated Life Expectancy Chart of Materials, Smoke Detector Information, Copy of the Agreement form sign my client and me, and any othe pertinent information that pertained to the inspection.

You have to remember that Maine is sparsly populated and word of mouth is the controlling factor here.

I spend 3 hours minimum on site for a 1500 sf house and 3 hours on the report. 1 inspection a day.

Last inspection was for $454 for a 900 sf building of 1967.