Freedom Express Inspections from the air

No wind today great flying weather DJI phantom 4 UMA this is going to be a lot of fun. This is where I live in the middle of a cow pasture

Fantastic looking Place glad for you well deserved .

Thanks Roy there were no trees when we purchased that land in 1984 they have grown a bit

Nice Charley!

Nice, cool place, I would love to have my own ponds to play with

This fish came out of the larger pond liked about 5 pounds being a state record we through it back in to let it grow:D:D:D

Actually got our’s out tonight to show the inlaws who were visiting

A little farther away ( seemed to have forgotten how to post multiple pics in one post

nice but I wouldn’t let those in my ponds, wouldn’t want my bass to have to compete for food lol

I got a good feel for the controls this evening but those trees in your area would not be good for me at this stage of my learning

Is that road named tornado alley?

Here’s a video I shot in Kansas a couple of years ago. I think it’s even flatter than where you are

No its Hwy 177 but it could be because in 1991 a F5 crossed that road and took every thing I owned.

Yikes, I was real nervous during my 4 yrs in Wichita Falls, and don’t think I could do middle Oklahoma even though the Wichita Mountians wildlife refuge is one of my favorite places on earth. The weather is a whole different game out there!!!

You would be surprised at how quickly you learn when it’s fly or die lol…in beginner mode you can’t even get above the tree tops

I have no trees except right at the house so I did not use the beginner mode, just jumped right to it . I put down some rubber mats I bought for horse stalls when we were showing horses they are about a inch thick and fit together like a puzzle. They make a perfect landing mat. I have been looking on line and found what is called a " table in a bag" for use on a flat roof to set the controllers on. We are going to try a night flight here in the yard tonight to see how visible the tablet is without any lighting and how visible the lights on the air craft are. I guess these night aerial roof scans with UMA will be learn as ya go as I don’t think many are doing them.

seeing the drone will be super easy but you won’t see much from the camera if there aren’t any lights out there, should see the blinking radio towers in the distance

how did the night fly go Charley?

Good we took it up about 150 feet and could still see the lights. We were sitting near the yard light so could see to land easy peasy:D

Been looking at portable battery lights for use on the flat roofs so we can see what we are doing without flash lights

When you mount the infrared camera, will the images show real-time via FPV? If so you can navigate via FPV. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to record a flightpath over the roof during daylight, then just have it repeat the same flightpath at night with the ir imager?

Chuck I am in uncharted water here its going to be trial and error but it sounds like your on to something especially on mega roofs